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IForks weighing forks for forklift trucks, reach trucks and high rack stackers have gained in 2010 in the category innovation even the prestigious FLTA award. Bremen, March 2011: With CompanyDEPOT a new, innovative online-shop for operation and storage requirements emerged out of the home of GESUTRA GmbH Bremen. Innovation and customer service will convince the customer in the long term and the makers of the shop committed to actively. Looking for clever products that deliver real value to the customer, the expert eye immediately fell on iForks by RAVAS, novel weighing forks for all commonly used forklift trucks. Wirelessly via Bluetooth connection, ready in just 5 minutes, a maximum deviation of weight of 0.1% convince immediately the product in the practical test.

Easier and more efficient it is hardly. The FLTA award in the categories of safety, environment, ergonomics and innovation is presented in a festive ceremony in Birmingham each year. FLTA CEO David Ellison emphasized that this award encourages those from the industrial and warehousing systems and distinguished, who strive for the highest standards. A related site: Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta mentions similar findings. The weighing forks can meet this standard iForks, also CompanyDEPOT that has immediately recognized. Since all components completely in the forks are integrated, the iForks have not only external wiring.

Wireless thanks to Bluetooth connection, it comes to no clutter on the mast! The weighing system can be installed within minutes on each forklift: plug & weigh! The forks are calibrated, allow a maximum deviation of 0.1% of the balance weight and transmit the data directly to the ERP system or a data terminal on the device. They work fast, efficient and cost-saving and used among others in goods receipt inspections, control of inventory, production monitoring, time-saving carry out inventories and the determination of shipping weights. The iForks are equipped with battery modules, in which 4 D cells are integrated, which are easily replaceable and powered by 4 AA batteries. Easy to order, the product is still under… , are there any other information to find. Convenient and cheap directly from the workshop or warehouse shopping this unique and incomparable system is online at CompanyDEPOT-shop. So, offers the online store currently iForks for an introductory price and above are all customers still a gift voucher to the value of 10 euro.

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