Piano Tuning

We offer you a handbook on setting up the piano, which can be found at the following link: A guide designed for school-based art of the Division of Culture and Film Area Ozinskogo Saratov region in 2009. The manual presents the theoretical material and practical experience of the author to set up a piano. Work as its main objective to provide some knowledge and skills to configure and Restoration of the piano, while avoiding unintended consequences. The basic premise and reasons to engage in the activities of a tuner and a basic knowledge about tuning. Based on its own practice, the author can responsibly say that the setting is a very responsible and do not tolerate noise. This is not just a technical operation, for "stretching the strings," but rather an art.

Adjuster their work makes the instrument "sing." And, if a musician says this – it (tune) with the task managed. Piano tuning is a necessary attribute of learning music. Correct-sounding piano is the key to success ensemble and choral music. Currently, the profession has become a rare customizer, if available in remote regions of Russia and the CIS. New piano is negligible, the price of tools "sky-" high, the quality of their leaves desired. Because of certain circumstances of a developing economy post-Soviet space and modern lines of musical development, expressed in an attempt to replace the classical instruments of electronic counterparts, many talented young people, received in due time musical training as the end of the music schools, academies, conservatories, can not be claimed by major field of study and work must be limited to a very nominal salary. After reviewing the work of the author, some of them may try out in the field of tuner, practice first on old instruments (written off, or for some reasons not repairable).

It does not require significant initial investment, but in the future can be a source of additional income. So at an early stage is only required Adjustment KEY (description making such a key in the manual provided), which may be made individually or leased, all other equipment will be purchased as needed during the repair works. In the proposed manual, which is easily possible to "download" on the website of the author, presents theoretical material and practical experience of the author to set up a piano. The work aims to give the main task some knowledge and skills to configure and restore the piano, while avoiding unintended consequences. The basic premise and reasons to engage in the activities of a tuner and a basic knowledge of configuration. Summarizes the theory of acoustics, glossary, economic incentives for the purchase of tools, described his history of the piano the main constituent elements, parts and construction details, care tool during its operation, methods, and especially transport a piano, the factors affecting the efficiency and durability of the piano, the detailed process of setting up the technology used and the traditional modern tools, the most frequent defects piano and effective methods to address them. Provides practical experience in tuner with clients, analyzes the main errors that occur during organization acquiring the instrument and its successful operation. P&G shines more light on the discussion. Work with the manual is quite simple. Manual is designed as an electronic book, with sections


The Past

Next, in the old tale, told of his grandmother. Commented that she, my grandmother, God's a dandelion, with a mind always showed neat sensible man, but surprisingly good at starting a conversation with someone, and then, if she does not like him, breaking his reality, so much so that the man then went dull week, and some became ill. As in the old tale said, that in year one of his pals to help her grandmother get to work on the keeper successful toy factory. Stated that it his ability to 'carry on a conversation and attach it to the right people "gradually survived with Plant people whose aim was to work to create joy to people in the form of good toys. Initially, knowing that some paints are bad for the health of babies, she and her friends introduced these colors on the pretext that 'these colors longer retain their color and are not harmful.

" Gradually the factory began to fall apart and no small part in the destruction of Merit for his grandmother, despite the fact that she did not occupy managerial positions, and was only a storekeeper. So in a fairy tale shown, that the ability to 'speak beautifully' can bring as good results and not so. A lot more fairy tale has lost over time. Paul, the Wolf has been watching heroes tales and those friends who were called babushi 'Longhorn' (in the original fairy tale about them saying that they are so much mangled wood that did not know what to do next, now that people are willing to believe everything upside down not once in the interest of one to ten people – this is feast. But not only that alarmed the Wolf, and not only that he learned about them in the past six months (he had reason to suspect in the disappearance of their father's hats).


Emotional Intelligence Test

The emotional intelligence Test is a test designed to measure the quotient of emotional intelligence of the people in the long term. Sets 21 assessment scales that measure emotional intelligence in the following contexts: 1. current environment 2. Emotional knowledge 3. Emotional skills 4.

Beliefs and values 5. These five contexts results are measured through specific scales, which are described below. Each scale has four alternatives which indicate the extent to which experiences or perceives a specific aspect to be measured. The results may fall in any of the following four ranges: optimal emotional management. The person has full emotional mastery of aspect in situations and contexts where this factor is critical, and successfully resolve any difficulties that arise, inner harmony and very intelligent results relative to each other. Emotional handling with dexterity. The person has emotional dexterity to resolve situations in emotional areas to which this factor relates. It presents vulnerability (lack of emotional intelligence).

The person is emotionally vulnerable to certain types of situations, and therefore feels very affected and unable to properly resolve problems in that specific area. Caution should be taken. This means that definitely emotional intelligence factor falls below the minimum limits and, therefore, if the person faced situations in which the factor is critical, it is likely that problems are generated. In this sense, the result points to if a person is hired, who are in charge should be attentive to such situations given that know the high degree of emotional vulnerability that the person filed with this type of facts. Some misconceptions emotional intelligence does not mean simply being sympathetic. At strategic moments may require on the contrary face bluntly to someone to show him an important truth, but annoying, that you’ve been avoiding. Emotional intelligence does not give free rein to the feelings, taking out everything outside. On the contrary means handle feelings of mode just to express them adequately and effectively allowing people to work together without friction in search of a common goal. * Reference: Notes, notes of Professor of organizational behavior, Faces UC.