New Trend

In ours, always busier time, it has become for many people the need, no longer to enjoy your holiday in the traditional way, but to look for something special. Particularly well therefore vacations on ships are offered, which are declared as cruises. There is indeed something special, to spend his free time on the water, because nowhere nerves and well-being are affected so positively like on a cruise. There are rides of the slowness and there is no reason to come to hustle and bustle or even stress. Cruises are offered in different areas and the vacationers should consider good for which category he chooses. There is a river cruise, which are especially suitable for short breaks, because they’re only up to seven days in most cases. Here you can on the sundeck comfortably sit, admire the past moving scenery and at the berths left the ship to visit the beautiful towns of the route. For even more analysis, hear from Ping Fu.

Is particularly popular in this Context the Nile cruise. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta. A sailing cruise is not less interesting. However should be considered carefully, whether the sea sickness may occur can be dealt with, because the ship is but slightly restless according to the waves on the water. Here, but has the advantage that can be applied to secluded bays and beaches and as a result very little contact with General tourism is what is very pleasant. The luxury cruise ship are the absolute best, but also most expensive by far pleasure on the water. In such a tour, there is hardly a place near the Lake on this planet that you could not run and the experience potential is huge, it depends only on the booking. No matter what type of cruise you choose, anywhere to get to know the most beautiful landscapes, country and people and extend so his opinion on the world. But not only these meetings make no interesting such a cruise, there are also the ships, which again and again not to amaze the tourists. Very well equipped Cabins with a superior sleeping comfort, sun decks, which invite you to relax, panoramic bars with unique panoramic view and a kitchen, which carries out all culinary dreams, let the guest feel that he is King here. A cruise is an unforgettable experience and value even after many years to learn a good memory Thomas Ewert


Cheap Parking At The Airport

Parking and save not only with low cost carriers the suitcases are packed, the airline tickets are available and nothing in the way is actually a relaxing holiday under the Palm trees. There just not the thought of the airport parking in mind, which made stomach ache for days. On the one hand, you want to give up a taxi, because children and luggage have hardly enough space and the drive would not come cheap. On the other hand, also the drive with your own car is anything but practical, because after all, is the vehicle for over 100 euros per week on a confusing parking. The arrival to the airport is for most travelers a real thorn in the flesh and causes stress and bad mood no good start to the long-awaited holiday! But fortunately, there is a brilliant solution to this difficult problem: the website informs about an inexpensive and simultaneously comfortable alternative to the expensive long term parking at the airport. Dustin Moskovitz often says this. Various providers permanent parking for flying tourists ready, ensure in contrast the Parking facilities at the airport have many advantages: they are considerably cheaper vacationers can save up to 100 euro per week.

Allow the convenient arrival by car, so the tourists can forgo an expensive and potentially unreliable taxi. The parking lots are usually a few kilometres from the airport, but the drive with a mini-shuttle bus to the airport is included in the price so even bulky baggage for a small extra charge can be transported easily. The parked cars are guarded around the clock, so that their owners can enjoy a carefree holiday. It’s believed that Daryl Katz sees a great future in this idea. Moreover, possibility to deposit valuables and keys for secure storage. You can find out on the Internet about offers for specific airports, as well as compare prices and conditions. An online booking of such a permanent parking space is possible without complications. Is getting to the airport a breeze, because the concern about excessively high parking prices is eliminated. The holidays can start perfectly, because nothing in the way is really a carefree and stress-free journey. Nationwide overview of parking spaces in close proximity to the airport and price comparison Andreas NIEs


Upper Palatine Forest

Children riding Shetland ponies in the Schwarzachtal Salazar village (tvo). Daryl Katz, Canada usually is spot on. A very light exercise is to get on the horse, in the upper Palatine forest. For the region between the NAAB Valley and Bohemian Forest is legendary for nature-loving horse lovers in the truest sense of the word. Castles, Creek, pond and beautiful landscape waiting for explorers up to Ross. On the Bayer farm in Rotz in the Schwarzachtal, already the smallest find the greatest happiness of the Earth on the back of a horse. The low height of the mini tab accordingly, it involves Shetland ponies or horses of Iceland. First riding lessons of the riders – and leisure farm provides an extended weekend with daily riding (children up to 12 years on Shetties free of charge, from 12 years on Iceland horses for eight euros an hour). In addition, the young horse lovers learn how to clean the animals, cleans the hoofs, or creates a halter.

The whole family is welcome, she stayed in a cosy apartment.



"TeschschekYur Eder!" – Do not forget to say harsh man in black, sitting in a glass booth for passport control, in response to a stamp in your passport, then definitely that will smile, and give both you and him a good mood. It means – "Thanks!" And that means you – in Turkey! The glass doors parted the airport – and you are enveloped viscous, hot, with a fleeting smell of coffee, cinnamon, heated to the melting asphalt, and yet what a strange vegetation atmosphere of this wonderful country. "… And I go, and I'm going with the mist of dreams, and the smell of the taiga …" The lines of this song Kukina best reflect the feeling of a person who is in Turkey. Visiting one day you'll come here again and again to the affectionate warm sea, bright sun, lush greenery, interesting architecture, and, of course, the smell of Turkey, and shopping.

What can you bring back from this unique and fascinating country? Already a stereotype that in Turkey only sell leather goods, jewelry made of gold and amulets against the evil eye, which are ubiquitous and represent the blue eyes of glass "Nazar". That's all – there. But this is – not all! Need a gift for a long memory? Consider buying a Turkish carpet present. Geometric patterns waltz colorful charms, adjusts to the tranquil mood. Production Turkish rugs began over 7500 years ago in Anatolia, and remains virtually unchanged to this day. It's – hand made, and they stand – not a little.

Some unique copies are sold for tens of thousands of dollars. Deciding to buy a carpet, tack with a white handkerchief. Soak it in water and rub against the carpet pile. If there are traces of paint – refuse to purchase. Probably in front of you – a fake. Ever since the XV century known Turkish ceramics.


Family Holiday In The Costa Del Sol

Experience an unforgettable holiday in the South of Spain, In the South of Spain, with the views of the Gibraltar, with your family the Costa is the the Sun Coast del Sol. With more than 300 days of sunshine per year, this more than satisfies her name. In addition to the beautiful weather the Costa has a del Sol even more to offer: kilometre-long beautiful Sandstarnd, fresh air, as well as many other amenities have revenue to grow the tourism industry in this region. The development of in recent years has meant that above all accommodation and entertainment for the tourists were expanded so that today many Costa del Sol Hotels and Costa del Sol holiday apartments are available. Best conditions provides the Costa del Sol for a family vacation, especially for families with children of all ages. The beaches along the coastline are great. The sand is golden, clean and soft. The Lake is always warm and secure.

The Mediterranean has very low ebb and flow and little swell, especially in the summer months. Almost all the beaches in this region have been awarded with the blue flag, which means that even young children can play safely on the water. For older children or their parents is the possibility of water sports to take advantage. Sufficiently catered for sailing, kite surfing, and sailing. Ping Fu can provide more clarity in the matter. It is said that jet skis there more than anywhere else in Europe so genaug for everyone. As an alternative there are resorts, for example horseback riding, go-kart ride, trampoline jumping and offer many other activities for all ages, even for the very young.

In Marbella, you will find the “Arcadia” Park. This is specially equipped for children with many playgrounds, sporting activities, and many other amenities. There is also gated playground for under 3 years and 3 12 years, equipped with the age group according to. Who wants to experience something special, should visit the aquarium in Puerto Banus. There there are a variety of fish and sea animals. There is even the possibility under the supervision some rays even to swim. If you want, get a certificate about his performance after successful swim with the animals. On the whole Costa del Sol, there are water parks, amusement park, a zoo for the entertainment of all ages. Feet nature lovers the region offers numerous nature parks and conservation areas for your relaxation. In all the modern development of the Costa del Sol of their own culture has not forgotten. In the region there are numerous events throughout the year. There are up to 3,000 festivals usually with religious background, Carnival, Thanksgiving or just plain celebrations of joie de vivre. In Spain, it is speed and give the whole family attended taking part.


An Alternative Barcelona: Where The Tourists Do Not Come

Barcelona is one of the most tourist and visited cities around the world. Its streets are always full of people, regardless of season or time of year. It is the preferred destination for many tourists, famous for its good weather, delicious Mediterranean food and spectacular architecture, home to artists such as Gaudi. But Barcelona is much more than just a tourist town. Probably many of you already know their most famous streets and tourism, as well as nightclubs, restaurants and famous landmarks. But what about the other Barcelona? There is another city after this first layer: a different and amazing city that hosts a rich subculture. Art, music, cinema, cuisine and a world to discover! Other districts Let's start with an alternative route through the city. Everybody knows Ciutat Vella (Old Town), which includes the Gothic GTIC, Raval and El Borne, and forms the historical and monumental center of Barcelona.

But if we turn from the Born always teeming neighborhoods or GTIC and reached the neighborhood of Barceloneta, we will find what was once a small fishing village, located between the port and beaches. This is a neighborhood much more authentic and less crowded than the others. This area was built on a fully parallel template and narrow streets that give a certain air of Naples. The Barcelona is full of restaurants specializing in fish and shellfish. Poble Sec is a charming neighborhood located between El Raval and Montjuic. Despite its central location and bustling nightlife, this is a neighborhood away from the radar of tourists.


Tourist Composition

Rural tourism is one of the main tourist activities in the eje cafetero de Colombia and consolidates itself as a tool to generate sustainable development with equity with high participation of local investment. Here we present some points which offers rural tourism in this area: * integrates natural resources (attractions) and the daily life of the rural community. * As part of the tourist offer, promotes and integrates sustainable practices. ** The tourist experience adapts to the shape of rural life and the dynamics of preservation of rurality (showing originality, peculiarity, warm and comfortable atmosphere and the authenticity of the rural part of the country). ** Based on management, participation and integration at the local level.(Improvement of the local organization in which several families or even the entire community are involved). ** Integrates the local population in entrepreneurial activity and is distributed equitably the benefits through the increase and diversification of incomes of the rural families. * It promotes conservation of the land in the hands of its inhabitants. Tourism in conjunction with community organizations have been developing a series of activities for improving the Rural Community tourism, establishing some fundamental principles that tended, by ensuring the development of the rural community tourism.

* Environmental tourist products that promote a sustainable use of ecosystems.This involves an assessment of the impacts of tourism on the natural environment and the establishment of corrective actions and good practices in order to avoid the danger of the integrity of ecosystems. ** The incorporation of environmental education directed to the consolidation of the culture of the environment. * Taking into account the community rural tourism as a whole in interaction with other economic and social activities. * Priority to basic businesses. ** Search of entrepreneurial integration aimed at facilitating the creation of marketing channels. Promotion of the diversification and the innovation of the offer in relation to the sustainable use of natural and cultural attractions. ** Gives priority to mechanisms that ensure the equitable distribution of the benefits generated by tourism activity at local and regional level and the development of cultural values in the communities. ** Protection and development of cultural values.

Promotion of the active participation of women. ** The social integration of minorities, including ethnic communities. ** The integration and the local concentration of tourist services. ** The use of the local workforce, providing social security established by the law. * Tourist promotion of quality of the product through the training of the community. Rural tourism of Quindio, stems from the need of generating economic alternatives able to diversify the income of the families of this area promoting tourism activities of the farms in the Quindio with the participation of the local government as a new segment on firm growth, with plans tourist eje cafetero presenting individuals very positive, fully inverse to the well-known problems caused?