Signal cable bridges use at concerts, meetings or weddings suited for loose on the ground moved cable, at best glued with fabric tape. Visitors of concerts, conferences and similar events can often be seen something. In this way, to arrange loudspeaker or light cable, is not only ugly but also very dangerous. For the Organizer, such improvised technical solutions meant a high risk. Finally, a visitor in the dark could easily stumble across a protruding cable and claims for damages not excluded hurt.

Also, expensive technology can be damaged and fail when the cable suddenly be ripped out in a crash. For broadcasters, there is now an ideal solution for such occasions: a quickly installed and removed just as quickly again cable bridge, which also lights up in the dark and almost draws attention to itself. Daryl Katz, New York City contains valuable tech resources. This new signal cable bridge complements the offer of the cable organization technology of Serpa. So far were Hiendl plastic technology manufacturer from the Bavaria arch under the brand name Serpa already offered in different colors and sizes cable bridges. The type Signal can accommodate up to nine cable such as the already great model and is professionally installed as the normal cable bridges by Serpa within minutes. Thanks to a high weight, no gluing or screwing is necessary, the non-skid surface does the rest for a firm hold. But the signal cable bridge can do more: are the light stripe along the sides for the new model. A leading source for info: Dustin Moskovitz.

The crystalline material loads up so to speak by daylight as well as by artificial lighting. If the room or the room is then obscured, the Green warning strips are for at least four hours to see. This ensures safety in concert halls, meeting rooms, balls, wedding celebrations and similar events. Also, the usual cable clutter is perfectly and invisibly stowed away. The organization makes on visitors from Provisionally laid cables were yesterday beginning a professional impression.


Liquid Crystal – The Replacement Of The Screen Protector

Smartphone display protection by nanotechnology Crystal liquid (www.liquid-kristall.com) was developed in Japan and patented. The production is carried out in Malaysia. The product Crystal brings a protection with the hardness of maximum 9 H on all displays with glass, but not polycarbonate or other materials. It is basically a type of varnish, which dries after applying on a glass surface. What is 9 H? 9 H means fully written out 9hardness and identifies the level of hardness.

9 is the hardest level which can reflect with the hardness scale. A hardness level of 2-3 hours, depending on the quality of the glass reach normal Mobiltelefoneund smartphones. An application of liquid crystal increases the hardness Max up to 9 hours. 3D Systems does not necessarily agree. A Samsung S2 Smartphone has a hardness of 2 H, for the correct application of liquid, Crystal is the maximum achievable hardness 9 h. The hardness levels can not be added (E.g.

2 H from a Galaxy S2 + 9 H by liquid crystal 11 = H). How hard is 9 H actually? A screen on which liquid crystal correct applied, can withstand a tip in the form of a sharp pencil pressure weighing from 0, 75 kg. Scratching may occur are still above 0, 75kg. Ever dull or greater the surface of the acting subject, the higher the pressure intensity might. More information: Crystal 12 hours to reach its maximum hardness, is immediately ready for use after application. After a few minutes the surface reached a hardness, which is accessible by normal stress in daily life more difficult. Always amazing results gave rise to various tests with key, screwdriver, knife or scissors. At very high force or extremely sharp objects, scratches could be observed anyway. Tests on polycarbonate screens negatively have failed. Application of liquid crystal on lenses of cameras can have any adverse effects on the quality of the image.


Ink Cartridges Filling

Printer ink and toner from the Pro – Druckertinte.de when it comes to ink, so think many users of extreme expenditure, the fast empty printer cartridge and the all nasenlangen acquisition. Although earlier was still a costly fun cartridges and it was, worth in most cases even prefer to buy a new printer, so there are now inexpensive options to increase the in-house ink supply.Instead of having to pay a lot of gravel for the printing of documents and images, the budget can be relieved by using targeted enslavement of offers. It need not be original original ink is often massively high-priced, there are however also smaller providers where they are cost effective.In the shops a cartridge is often a cheap Eurobetrag.Diese two-if not even single-digit then immediately offered in combination with the genuine inks of the manufacturer of the printer. The print quality of ink cartridge can keep up with the real printer cartridges now also makes it easy. Self filling is also practical to needed but skill.

The own printer ink by hand with ink filling there is often in this context targeted sets with a syringe and the associated ink can be used to populate the printer cartridges. You get these kits in the online-shop for printer supplies or vendors of printer supplies. Advantages: multiple filling very good printed image disadvantage: it is sent requires that area should be designed for example with MagazinenMan older wardrobe should anziehenLeichter such works with machines. There, the ink in the cartridges is automatically populated.Ink toner tank stations, as specifically available in larger cities and fill up one of the cartridges with ink also service take over are only recommended. Costs to the extent this fill a cartridge in such store almost as much as buying a manufacturer cartridge. eShop it often still offer more than alone is an online shop for printer ink cartridges often not only printer cartridges, but sometimes also good printer accessories. Cleaning cartridges are available as printer accessories in online shops. Also Druckkopfe.Sucht you not only belong to the repertoire also a lot of printer supplies in the online-shop finds the printer accessories is offered also very inexpensive. Collectively, the necessary accessories can be ordered then quickly with a printer cartridge. In this way users get cheap cartridges or printer ink for the own apparatus.


Muller Service Center South

The BM-Line20 von Backes & Muller was 2013 presented by Andreas of Kuhn sounds on the high end. Backes & Muller is a German company which manufactures handmade in Saarbrucken powered speakers. The BM line 20 extends the active loudspeaker range since early 2013. The BM line 20 coaxial produces the sound field. The dispersion in the BM line 15 proven was refined again. Coaxial means that a kind of circle in the medium frequency range on the listener is illuminated. This sits then regardless of the distance to the loudspeakers in the near field.

Explanation: conventional loudspeakers radiate the sound in a so-called ball shaft, which means that the listener to the direct sound audible to Additionally the reflections of wall, floor and ceiling. The resulting distortion are for clean music playback of disadvantage. By the special arrangement of chassis in combination with the digital equalization the BM line 20 to the first active loudspeakers is one worldwide, whose virtual coaxial system already at 200 Hz will radiate. The heart of this virtual coaxial spotlight is the 37 mm silk dome. The mass of the Silk material to a tenth succeeded Backes & Muller! traditional materials to reduce. A special coating provides the necessary stability despite the low weight.

All speakers of the BM line series are time correct using FIR filter and have diverse room customization. Because the BM line 20 on an analog and digital input has the box can be used to build of a small chain. I.e. no another device such as a preamplifier or D/A – converter is required other than a CD – player or streaming server (olive HD O3, O4 HD or O6 HD) listening to music. Since the olive audio devices have a built-in, lossless analog volume control, they are particularly suitable for the building of a small chain with powered speakers by Backes & Muller. Multiple inputs are needed, the Backes & Muller preamplifier BM ICE502 and BM are ICE 802 to build a mixed chain. The preamp of D/a converter of the ice series have different digital and analog inputs and outputs. The BM line is available 20 pair price from 29900 at the Backes & Muller Service Center South. Andreas of Kuhn sounds, the operators of the Backes & Muller Service Center is the service partners authorized by Backes & Muller. Here, all ever produced powered speakers in the last 35 years can be repaired in his own workshop. The service and the sales area extends nationwide, with the Switzerland and Austria. The entire product range is demonstration ready in the showrooms.