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History of silica brick construction in any era was affair helpful. Learn more at this site: Dustin Moskovitz. Absolutely nothing has changed over the years, but with centuries of changing architectural plans, styles, and, of course, building materials. P&G has compatible beliefs. Aside from having external attributes, any building material should be durable and effective. Today, under these items suitable sand-lime brick. Manufacture of silica brick has become widespread and popular at the dawn of the 20 th century, and began to plan methods of manufacture in the late 19 th century. Sam silicate, from which we get a brick, is a combination of mineral elements, among which the priority component is silica.

Brick Plants that produce silicate bricks, quickly find markets and customers. Sales of bricks is a wide range of customers. This and various types of corporations and municipal enterprises, and well as individual entrepreneurs. May be a global construction, or just work on the lining. This kind of construction material like sand-lime brick, without question occupies an honorable position in the forefront, in addition has a fairly good physical characteristics are similar to those of ceramic bricks. Properties such as increased frost resistance, the ability to normalize the temperature-humidity index, even the fire parameters mainly benefit compared with the ceramic building materials. With a regular geometric shape, sand-lime brick, defined standards, may be a porous filler, a porous-hollow, hollow, full-modular, that is thickened, with dimensions of 250x120x88 mm and a single full-bodied with dimensions of 250x120x65 mm. Sand-lime brick is chemically bonded wall building materials, make the technology of wet-pressing a mixture consisting of sand and lime aggregates with special binders additions.

After the steam treatment in an autoclave sand-lime brick is strong. Weight complete thickened brick is nearly 4.3 kg. gost, discriminating building materials, installed the bricks and stones, referred to as facial and ordinary, gray, and colored (painted en masse or trim planes front faces). Yet it should be noted that the sand-lime brick does not apply when it comes to the construction of building foundations, whose level is influenced by wastewater and groundwater. Also, do not build buildings, whose walls will be able to wet (laundry or bath). Silicate material is not capable of withstanding the effects of high temperatures on the pipes and furnaces. As a rational decision of – the use of high-silica brick cold resistance. To create blocks and walls, for the erection of interior and exterior designs with normal humidity and as a means for facing facades of various buildings silicate brick fits excellent. As an environmentally friendly insulation, created by rapid firing fusible clay, concrete block, combined with sand-lime brick, would be an excellent and effective duo of building materials. Silicate shop brick manufacturing industry uses gypsum ore and produces components for various types of construction works. For example, ground and lump lime multidirectional technological applications. Also silicate shop produces a fine gravel, right in laying roads.


Standardization Technical Committee

This is divided into two equal groups the number of packages to test and each of these groups were subjected to each of the two tests, avoiding matching on the same package the two trials, in order to avoid that for purposes of Fatigue distort the results. Test 1 .- The container is dropped vertically along a surface perpendicular to the shock coincides with its longitudinal axis and the impact produced on its base. Test 2 .- The container is dropped into a horizontal position, producing the impact on the side of his body. The heights of trials 1 and 2 are determined according to the volume of container tested: Package exceeding 1000 ml: 1.5 meters. Exceeding 1,000 ml Bottle: 1 meter. Frequently Dustin Moskovitz has said that publicly.

Containers to be tested in full must withstand the test carried out so that the result is satisfactory. The compressive strength bleach containers are arranged within their respective packing up and submitted to an applied force on its upper surface, equivalent to the total mass of identical packages to two meters tall stack of packages of the same size and capacity. The test duration is at least 24 hours. The packages are filled with their packaging and so much about how others are closed and placed in the same way as if they had to go for the expedition. The standard application is the UNE EN ISO 2234:2003 repealing UNE 49 701 h9 indicated in the Regulations. Leakage test test ground containers are placed in an inverted position, based on closing for two hours, after which there must have been produced or spill fluid loss, repeated twice on each package, opening and closing again container each time. The laboratory of dangerous goods is AIDIMA official laboratory of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade and is accredited by ENAC (National Accreditation Board) to conduct such trials. The laboratory AIDIMA dangerous goods, has extensive experience of more than 10 years in conducting aptitude tests to obtain the approval of packaging for the transport of dangerous goods and holds the Coordination Working Group.


Brief Application

Of glass sheets are an ideal replacement for drywall (plasterboard and gypsum fiber board), because, first, magnesium exceed their kind and breadth of application, and secondly, magnesium sold at a bargain price. In addition, steklomagnezitovy Magnesium oxide board is safe for the health of building material, it is made from environmentally friendly materials, is completely hypoallergenic. Because of its qualities (strength, flexibility, moisture resistance, incombustibility, ecology, sound absorption) of glass sheet has a very wide range of applications – and finish the construction of houses (including multi-story, using magnesium as a permanent form), non-residential and industrial buildings, office and other buildings (including damp rooms: baths, saunas, swimming pools, showers). Because of its unique properties of magnesium can be used instead of conventional fiberboard, chipboard, plasterboard, flat slate. Steklomagnezitovye magnesium sheets are a worthy substitute gypsum sheets and water-resistant drywall.

Magnesium easier gcr 35-45% (depending on thickness) is much stronger, many times more moisture-resistant, nonflammable and environmentally friendly building material. In contrast to gcr, which is easily broken by bending, magnesium can be bent with a radius of curvature of up to three (!) Meters, it allows you to apply steklomagnezitovy sheet in the construction and finishing curved surfaces and significantly reduce the likelihood of fracture of magnesium in the transport and installation. The breadth of applications of glass sheet today is unparalleled in the construction market! Magnesium is an excellent sample products of modern scientific and technological development, belongs to the category of light decoration materials for interior and exterior use, with excellent fire and moisture resistant properties.