With Telepresence Communication Channels Within The Company Improve

A further development in the video industry of communication, which aims to emerge with the help of latest technology and high-quality end – and transmission devices a communication, which is a direct Conference in anything called telepresence systems for small and medium-sized enterprises Telepresence. Disadvantages, which offered a videoconference over a direct Conference, thus largely belong to the past and internal corporate communication can be shifted where necessary, almost completely of direct communication on the video communication. Trouble-free communication through excellent transmission and an exceptionally high rate of transmission devices and terminals of the high-end segment communicate without delay and errors that could interrupt the course of the Conference. Through these innovations of telepresence becomes also with video-conferencing a communication possible in all interlocutors respond directly and on the content of the Focus conversation instead of the outer form. Pleasant communication thanks to the illusion of the natural Telepresence ensures a synchronous playback of audio and video track.

Screens are arranged in an integrated system to allow a natural viewpoint to the interlocutor. Speaker in turn reflect the voices of the participants in congruence to the screen on which they are presented. So, communication with Telepresence is not only trouble-free, but mediated by a harmonious conception, which tried the reality to imitate, a pleasant situation. Sub text-based communications due high image and sound quality HD resolution images and the natural registers make a high sound quality and every little physical and facial movement sub text-related means of communication such as facial expressions, gestures, and tone of voice, which make up a large part of a communication in the professional context, to perceive realize what makes it easier for the interlocutor and to automatically use in conversation. Interactive communication with the help of application and device integration depending on the needs of the company integrated Telepresence more devices such as projection screens and applications like white-board programs, so that the video conference together on a project can be worked in. These functions are switched to can be changed at any time in conjunction with the provider of its own telepresence system and adjusted so that the video conferencing standard always currently required of the company. Easy communication on the basis of standards-based systems that are systems used for Telepresence standard is based.

So, the individual user is confronted with symbols, terms and procedures that are familiar to him from his workday. Accordingly, there are no long training periods or even exact studying of manuals. The applicability of simple high priority is assigned to generally, what is expressed among other things in a compressed operating panel within the Conference tables, with the user the Video conference fine can adjust. The basic settings are preset, so that you can start the video conference with a push of a button. With these funds, helps Telepresence video-conferencing to the suitability for everyday business and offers the possibility of real and realistic communication in short and simple ways.


Cafeteria Model Services

Increase employee satisfaction through the cafeteria model the cafeteria model is a form of a compensation model in human resources. Objective of this model is to increase the motivation and satisfaction through individual choices for employees. The cafeteria model, the employees involved have a certain amount of points available, which can spend it individually for services within the cafeteria model depending on the position. This, range of services provided by the company. In general distinction is made between direct (insurance, employer loan, additional salaries), benefits (child care), benefits (sports programs, company car, additional leave, training) as well as special time services (sabbatical) in the services offered. The cafeteria model consists of the three basic components of choice range, choice budget and periodically recurring choice. The cafeteria model brings among many benefits for businesses, and some a few disadvantages. Advantages of the cafeteria model: improving employee motivation and employee satisfaction comes first.

Of employees from a larger range of additional services can choose to increase its performance. The company can use a such remuneration system on the one hand encourage the acquisition of new personnel and on the other hand reduce the turnover rate by a binding of existing employees at the company is forced. Also, consistent transparency with regard to the granting of additional performance within company is created by using a smaller range of services as well as the definition of minimum terms for certain services. Disadvantages of the cafeteria model: the biggest problem of the cafeteria model is that the desired arrival effect fully comes to fruition, since the awarded benefits on the part of the staff easily as a matter of course be considered. Remedy this creates a comprehensive employee information in combination with continuous communication. In terms of a successful and thus targeted cafeteria model, it is in the best case on the part of the company to comply with some conditions.