Things in the life exist that is better not to understand. Lara lost its apartment luxuosssimo, in the building that at the time was known with the Building of the Eleven Gold Men of the capital, in virtue of its luxury. Lara lost the apartment however it was with one of the gold men that to this height if it transforms into bronze man. Lara lost all its jewels; they had been the rings and they had been the fingers, thank heavens. Lara lost its first beach house, was vendida by one would ninharia to pay debt. The people in charge of the sales of the property had paid the debts and had been with the house.

years later a brother-in-law of Lara was to frum and discovered that the house of Lara was the auction. The relatives of Lara divide had negotiated it that he had its reduced value and had been with the house. The life is thus, thought Lara: money badly profit is this there! Some time after Lara constructed another beach house that at least was not inaugurated, the house was vendida. Lara was young was supporting the bordoadas ones of the life. The years had been passing and Lara obtained to buy another beach house, simple house, type marries of fisherman, who very it was well decorated.

During some Lara years it used to advantage the house. In this height the children of Lara were grown. Lara keeps many good souvenirs in company of the family. The son of Lara arrived of the Europe with the family and Lara gave to the house they to live. There the young couple already was not so happy, how much Lara was. The house was the thirty kilometers downtown and this distance made it difficult the life of the couple and another thing that the daughter-in-law of Lara ignored is that air is very humid, in any place of the island.



Here it is that we find our personage it in the way way, that after all is same the only concrete point of our lives. Here we have the first irony evidenced for it: always we are come of some place and desiring to arrive at another one, but always we are for the way. Those exist that believe to have where fond desired, but its peace alone is imperturbvel because is not left to stop, contemplativos as our friend. Because, if they looked at right, they would see: if they can look at, is because they had still not arrived the place some, has seen the horizon well there ahead of its eyes. If they had not arrived, means that they had not died.

If it did not finish, as to know if they had arrived? Changing in small, if it is that if it can give some logic to the thoughts of the contemplativo man: who can say was happy, before dying? who can say that it was happy, after deceased? Here we are again, in the way it way, the half term, the existencial limb between the past and the horizon. our contemplativo man, who was friend of the unitary man and understood its incredulity in the Destination, perceived that it was there, in this half of the way between the past and the future, that the people costumam to accomodate what they call Deus.Deus costuma to be, for the majority, she pushes what them in this silt of uncertainties. But our contemplativo man enxergou in God a disturbing similarity with the children of that citizen of the classic example who we mention above. That one exactly that he fulfilled the tasks without being worried about the direction of them, only because they have of being fulfilled, and ready. It is not more or less as soon as is given credit God? the contemplativo man was asked: it will be that it only believed God to obtain to cross the quagmire of the doubt? a time that could expend its time answering to the proper questions, was inquired more: if to arrive at some place we need to determine origin, destination and localization of the traveller, which is the third point of my navigation between the past and the future? God? Or I myself? If he is God, as I can make the triangulation that will point me the direction, if me it is not given ve it? I must establish an imaginary position for God, and sail according to this belief? The contemplativo man left itself to lead for a digresso, when thinking that it are of much advantage the escoteiro time.


Blind People

The Saga of God and the Devil in the Land of the Blind people They were six hours of the afternoon. To the deep ones of one simple and aconchegante boteco, in table 666, was calm God and cabisbaixo in its fourth dose of whiskey. Soon, its friend and insider will cortejar more illustrious it. – Devil: ol master! – God: my beloved feels itself the Devil educadamente composes itself to the table. He asks for with gentility so that he comes only one water without gas.

God makes signal with the hand to also come, a double dose of cachaa. He is of ' folga'! – God: old friend, the things are not easy! Already I have not supported the burocracias of the power. The human beings finish for all taking my time with its imbecilidades. He has hour that I am in the roads, others, in the hospitals, diverse times in brothels, bars, stadiums, even in ' place of fetichism of macumba' I have made overtime. Ah! How life! – Devil: master is the price of the wise power! Why he does not resign before the things get worse? – God: not, not, I go until the end.

To abdicate handle badly. It does not see the politicians in Brazil, they defend until the death the power. In more (irado God), I created this world, everything I am mine, here who of the letters I and nobody are more! I am owner of this excrement all! as already said that son mine, ' the Z little boy galo': ' vocs they go to have to swallow that me! '. I very feel for you expensive Devil. After all, it has centuries all the guilt of the Evil if it has fallen again on you. I ask for encarecidamente to them that it holds ' onda' for plus some time.