There are dozens of lists of advice exceeds how to reclaim your man, many of which are full of small psychological tricks and are " garantizados" in order to deceive your ex- ones in wanting again. Others including P&G, offer their opinions as well. In fact, to reclaim your ex- man it does not have why to imply any special trick absolutely. If you understand as the men happen through ruptures, and how the attraction works, you can reconquer to your ex- ones without no problem. Advice 1) To understand what made that the things are broken, to begin. This advice is important by a variety of reasons. You would leave of echarte the fault or resentment to your ex- ones, that it will help to understand the same problems you and that they are not repeated in your relation, and will help you to decide if your relation sincerely is worth the pain to revive, or if he is better to follow ahead.

The majority of the ruptures is not fault of a single person, and many of them are not so simple, you can do one or two changes by art of magic and your ex- ones can return. When objectively it is possible to be understood the reasons for which your relation I do not work the first time, you can asegurarte of which is more healthful the second time. Tip 2) One is not to negotiate with your ex- ones. This he is one of the advice most difficult to follow envelope how to reconquer your ex- fianc2e. Many women commit the error to think that if they show their additional affection after a rupture, in contact with them and to say that they have changed to them, or can much convince the family of her ex- and her friendly to put themselves in a good word for them, " to gain again to its old pareja". .


The Bed

When us cuestinanos we ourself we began to lose we ourself, we paid attention to which we cannot do, instead of to focus to us in which if we can do. In being advancing a step simultaneously, although we are mistaken. We lose many time in What will happen if this or that one? And WE REALLY DID NOT FOCUS IN WHICH WE KNOW TO DO BETTER AND THAN NOBODY IT CAN DO PLUS IT. We happen great part of our life questioning to us, ay that will pass if this or that one, happens we hoped to that a great miracle happens, when in fact the miracle this happening in our life. We only tend to pay attention to which we can be done as the television or the action films have shown it to us, and we finished to them believing to all, and is then when our fears dominate to us. Instead of to advance it happened at the same time as it takes more to us and more far from where we have arrived, we lie down in the bed and we threw ourselves to cry by all the bad one that happened and that we could not remedy. We look for the person whom we can blame, is very easy to do to this can do anyone, and we looked for it pretexts not to obtain anything, we always tend to live this vicious circle, and seems a cycle of pleasing interminable, that we did not enjoy and that we did not live, that we like but she scares to us, that seems to fill all our existence.

But like changing what we have lived during years, like changing all this drug that fills to us of pleasing and of ecstasy, like changing our mentality, if that seems to be unique that fills to us of pleasing. As to advance to our goals, if we cannot change something as small as he is this, like, as it is the question of million dollars. Uy would enchant to me to have the answer to all this, I do not know the answer everything, the unique thing that is that we tend to program itself from which tenth us, like in my example of the keys, if you say that they forget the keys surely to you will be lost to you. Ay that to begin to say quite the opposite, and to encourage to us we ourself to us, to focus and our own passions to us, in ours inner I. The best thing than we can do in any situation is to concentrate us in our true passion, to be able to mint our passion, the great people worldwide, excelled of everything because they really focused in which they knew to make better than nobody.


Tony Hawk

Maxi continues counting: Now that does more cold we did not join so much to the night, but the week ends are fixed that we are here. That fixes mainly sees Sundays afternoon. On the other hand Diego (25), most serious of the group and unique one that do not work, says to be contented to have a estabamos place where we did not bother either and bothers to us and before adds in the parking of Mc the Donalds de Haedo but they ended up to us running, was born the idea there. Alicia one of the neighbors that also has its house in front of the place is contented to the night when the boys remain until behind schedule give certain tranquillity us, in addition are calm, do not make much noise counts on a smile that mixes joy with lightening. the neighbors try to us or because they see that we are not thrown taking birra or smoking ditch, we only make pirouettes with skates adds Diego. And if of pirouettes it is spoken, in the group there is a specialist and that is Tony. In fact Tony is not Tony is Cristian (26) and during the day it takes care of the box that has its mother of Haedo in center. It must that nickname to him to Tony Hawk, North American skater more famous of the world and considered by the people of the atmosphere like the best one partly.

The other part of that nickname is by the facility with which it makes the different jumps in the inclines. None of the four play soccer nor have Play Station in their house, according to say to choir prefer to be all the day with skate. No of the four competed officially, we preferred to compete between us, although some times come small from other places and we armed to a species of match counts Maxi. Nevertheless Tony has thought to go away until the KDT (Complex in the City of called Buenos Aires Kilometer Distance Time) to prove the inclines that are rather greater than these. Although it sounds rare or it draws attention, Maxi; Diego; Juan and Tony, transformed according to their own words into the typical bandita of you cheep with the particularitity of which they walk in skate and they do not irritate the neighbors.


Coffee, Food and People

What could be better than a perfect mix of great coffee, yummy food and mellow people?  If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ll find it at the Café Collage DC. The place sets out to be a coffee hang-out and achieves just that.  It’s not looking to serve food that would win competitions, or pour coffee that makes the news.  Its food and beverage are great, and perfectly edible and drinkable, but that’s not the main focus. The idea is to offer a truly, traditional coffee bar, with a mellow atmosphere, soft, elevator music in the background, and good service. And that’s exactly what it achieves.

However, it top-tasting beverages are your thing, Café Collage DC has been known to mix up some of the best Chai’s and iced coffees on the block.  And if bagels are your thing, order the cream cheese one.  For those wanting something a little bit different with their coffee though, there is the much-talked-about egg and cheese croissant.  And of course, there is something for the health-conscious amongst us too; so check out the salads and wraps that are available.