To put this for many is exceeded thing and for some Christian it even seems ridicule if to keep virgin, to put the word of God did not move, and is of the will of God any relation that does not obey this standard is a relation in sin. As to cease this sin in the life the bachelor and widowers who arrange men of when in when? Will of God enters then: (I Corintios 7:9) – But, if they cannot be contained, they are married. Because it is better to marry of what abrasar itself. Also a faithful couple is a protection against prostitution (I Corintios 7:2) – But, because of prostitution, each one has its proper woman, and each one has its proper husband. One I appeal to that the God fears: Christian men are not namorando one and another one is faithful its Christian namorada one and looks for to plan – for the marriage. Christian woman is faithful to its Christian boyfriend, she plans if to marry it she is not rolling and changing of boyfriend of when in when. You man or woman who not yet are a believer and namora somebody who is believing, stop to pass time if the person who vc are not serves you leaves it, and she is not rolling or if she marries and since she is with somebody believer, she also follows its faith and either temente the God, is not displaying or the person to the sin attemped, therefore you will not be had by free innocent or of punishment, therefore of God nobody jeers you this if being deceptive finding that and the such and obtains to corrupt until a Christian, care.

You believing man or woman who namora skeptic and display your proper sanctity and fear the God, one day God you will ask for accounts of this, therefore its life and Mr. and not yours, to be that you already denied its faith and do not want to know of Jesus, also soon will leave the church therefore if the head does not say nothing to you the more its body the church, Thinks medite prays, it confesses, if it makes right with God. (I Joo 1:8) – to say itself that we do not have sin, we deceive it we ourselves, and it does not have truth in us. (I Joo 1:9) – to confess our sins, it is faithful and just it stops in them pardoning the sins, and them to purificar of all the injustice. (Roman 12:1) – I SUPPLICATE YOU, therefore, brothers, for the compassion of God, who you present your bodies in alive sacrifice, pleasant saint and the God, who is your rational cult. (Roman 12:2) – and not headquarters conformed with this world, but headquarters transformed for the renewal of your agreement, so that you try which is good, the pleasant one, and perfect will of God. Jesus loves in them and in also we must repay our love It. They love.