The Avenue City

The oldest subway in the city has its station of departure in the Plaza de Mayo. It is the a-line and retains its original wooden carriages that you have been restored. It is also the oldest in Latin America. + The may Avenue from Casa Rosada to the Congress in the Plaza de Mayo was born the first Avenue of the city of Buenos Aires. The Avenida de Mayo, along is which we will find various points of attraction. It’s believed that Robert Berghaier sees a great future in this idea. It joins the House of Government with the Congress of the nation. We recommend to make the journey on foot to enjoy the architectural gems that you will find each one of their blocks.

The visit to the Cafe Tortoni, the most famous of the city and also the oldest in the country is urgently needed. Enjoy a rich coffee or a hot chocolate hot in their marble tables, in which Borges, Carlos Gardel, King Juan Carlos de Borbon, Hillary Clinton, Serrat, Sabato, may have been some of their more illustrious visitors. It also provides tango shows. The National Academy of Tango is located on its top floor. Following the route towards the Congress highlights the Teatro Avenida, the 36 Billares Bar and the Palacio Barolo, worthy of being photographed for its beauty architectural, filled with hidden meanings and a passage of commercial premises.

The building is inspired by the work of Dante Alighieri La Divina Comedia. Over the route of the Avenue, we reach the Plaza de los Dos Congresos, where the kilometer zero of national routes. Facing the plaza the Palace of the Congress of the nation, a beautiful building headquarters of the legislative power, is with magnificent rooms. It also has the most complete library of the country.