Vacations and Planning

When You go away of vacations, part of its home without previous planning? Surely no. Surely You will have planned where she goes, as she is going to arrive, how long is going to travel, whom things she must take and whichever money must have in its pocket. Although this seems to us logical and reasonable, the great majority of the people does not plan more important the long and very many trip much more: the one of our short demurrage in the Earth, our life. We live on month in month, we tried to be up-to-date with our accounts and to pass it within our possibilities well. If we lodged a dream in our heart it pospones for " someday " in our future. We think that day will arrive when we make more money, when we are promoted, when we have more time or when the children are greater. Anchin helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. We imagined that those changes that we longed for are going to require as much effort from us that he is better to leave them for a stage " more aliviada" of our life, that, certainly, never it will arrive.

They will spend the days, the months and the years and is very probable that You of account that " someday " it will never arrive at least that You do something on the matter. For that reason it is so important to determine goals and to fulfill them little by little. It does not pospone them for " someday. " You can begin right now to implement the changes that You wanted to experiment in all the areas of his life. When doing a small change in his daily routine every day, a small increase this way, another tiny victory this way, You will manage to advance towards his dreams in a rate slow, but maintained. As it is progressing towards his goals, its faith, its level of self-esteem and the confidence in itself are going to also grow and the process is more and more going to be accelerated. And, without occurring account, that " someday " it is going to have arrived and it is going to have achieved that one objective that before seemed so impossible to him to reach. Original author and source of the article.


South American Nations

The impact of this conflict in integration became more visible in last October, when it transferred the borders of the Mercosur. Ecuador proposed then to ex- Argentine president Nstor Kirchner like Secretary General of the Union of South American Nations (the south), but its name was vetoed by Uruguay. The Argentine Government reacted in defense of the husband and predecessor of the president Fernandez and considered that Uruguay was mixing everything and received I veto like an offense to all the Argentineans. Aspect that still this effective and Uruguay does not pass it. It is not necessary to forget, that Argentina and Uruguay, that traditionally are called " brothers rioplatenses" , by a common history, they are faced and even dissolving before the Court the International of Justice of The Hague the lawsuit by the presence of a company of cellulose in the Eastern margin of the Uruguay River, common border of both countries. A bridge cut for more than two years by " piqueteros" Argentineans stay like an irritating obstacle for the government of president Tabar Vzquez.

And the position of Uruguay to reject to ex- Argentine president Nstor Kirchner like Secretary General of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), proposed by Ecuador, ties with that disagreement. On the other hand, Argentina rejects to dredge channels from accesses to the ports of both capitals, except which they favor to the Buenosairean one. The relations between Brazil and Paraguay also have been deteriorated and especially since the Paraguayan assumed the power Fernando Lugo. The ex- bishop fulfilled the fiance’ in his electoral campaign and has been urgent to Brazil to review the Treaty of Itaip, that regulates the operations of the dam of the same name, whose property shares both countries. Itaip, the hydroelectric major of the world in operation, was constructed with Brazilian capitals on the border Parana river between 1974 and 1982, when it entered operations with an installed capacity of 14 megavatios.