When we have a girlfriend who wants to end a relationship that has lasted for a long time, things can be intolerable. At the moment you listen to already do not want to, they can spend thousand things through your mind until EU te das account that you’ve lost to one of the people most important in your life. Though the situation of if it is already very difficult, your feelings become even more intense when you realize you want to recover it. Recover to an ex-girlfriend requires much perseverance and confidence. If you really want to return to your life, you have to be willing to give the best of yourself. Techniques to recover to my Ex-Girlfriend give you time and a have a Plan to achieve this first must give you the necessary time for all those negative feelings of dissipate. We know that these depressed and feel betrayed.

But to continue with the process of retrieving your girlfriend, you need to show you that you are well and that you are willing to do things differently. Once you have collected to you himself, has a plan that the attention towards you. Doesn’t have to be a romantic dinner in a exclusive restaurant. Only has to be something casual, an opportunity that you of the chance to speak with her. Once you’ve done plans suitable to create the opportunity to talk to her, make sure that you do everything you need to make it work. On the next page you will learn some tricks to win back your ex. You can apply these psychological techniques to make your ex want to be with you again.


Emotional Intelligence Test

The emotional intelligence Test is a test designed to measure the quotient of emotional intelligence of the people in the long term. Sets 21 assessment scales that measure emotional intelligence in the following contexts: 1. current environment 2. Emotional knowledge 3. Emotional skills 4.

Beliefs and values 5. These five contexts results are measured through specific scales, which are described below. Each scale has four alternatives which indicate the extent to which experiences or perceives a specific aspect to be measured. The results may fall in any of the following four ranges: optimal emotional management. The person has full emotional mastery of aspect in situations and contexts where this factor is critical, and successfully resolve any difficulties that arise, inner harmony and very intelligent results relative to each other. Emotional handling with dexterity. The person has emotional dexterity to resolve situations in emotional areas to which this factor relates. It presents vulnerability (lack of emotional intelligence).

The person is emotionally vulnerable to certain types of situations, and therefore feels very affected and unable to properly resolve problems in that specific area. Caution should be taken. This means that definitely emotional intelligence factor falls below the minimum limits and, therefore, if the person faced situations in which the factor is critical, it is likely that problems are generated. In this sense, the result points to if a person is hired, who are in charge should be attentive to such situations given that know the high degree of emotional vulnerability that the person filed with this type of facts. Some misconceptions emotional intelligence does not mean simply being sympathetic. At strategic moments may require on the contrary face bluntly to someone to show him an important truth, but annoying, that you’ve been avoiding. Emotional intelligence does not give free rein to the feelings, taking out everything outside. On the contrary means handle feelings of mode just to express them adequately and effectively allowing people to work together without friction in search of a common goal. * Reference: Notes, notes of Professor of organizational behavior, Faces UC.