You know the islands Greek? I finish being in Santorini, and of course, she has been one of the best vacations of my life. Of course, it has of everything: fantastic towns that to visit, beaches with crystalline waters and one of the sun puttings prettier than can be found. The best thing of this island is that it allows you to realise all type of tourism, from cultural, playero or even fiestero. Because there is to see the celebrations that mount that way, even by day in some beaches. In addition, for that you like the nature, it as much offers wonderful options of senderismo as of diving. You do not have to either stop making the visit to the volcano (inactive) that is located next to the island and that gave rise her and the bath in the thermal waters that surround it. It enters the towns to visit is not necessary to lose Fira and Oia.

Fira is the capital, and the place from where of currency perfectly the volcano that there is in front of the island. Account with a small fishing port from which they leave the majority the boats towards the volcano. At Ping Fu you will find additional information. Care, you do not confuse this port with the main one (Athinios) at that the ferries arrive from other islands. Oia, is the datum point to see incredible the sun puttings. White houses with blue tile roofs and an incredible gastronomy is what you are more going to be able to see in the towns seated in this island. In the following direction you can see a summary of the towns that there are in the island. That you like plus the beach? Without problem, that stops that are the beach of Kamari, the red beach and the beaches of Perissa and Perivolos. In addition, if the celebration goes to you, in Perivolos they do not remain short, is worth the trouble to spend a good short while there.



It thought that this disorderly era and did not help alumno/a, because they created imbalances and disorder in los/as nios/as. It did not give importance either to the corporal languages and not-verbals generally (music, drawing, etc.) it did not believe in the activities nonorganized. In contrast, the brothers You do, defend in its educative model: – A special attention to the familiar and social atmosphere of the boy. – A relation between the relative and the educative thing. – To give los/as alumnos/as great doses of freedom. – To favor the spontaneity and creativity of los/as alumno/as. And all this through game, as a good form of education.

It is at this moment when it is begun to use the game like an instrument or educative means. In order to understand the importance that has the game in the education, it is essential that we analyze the present forms of diversion. Los/as nios/as plays at the moment, most of the times, with videojuegos or sports of competition for professionals, who do not show to the values nor the techniques that need to know how to solve their problems when they are majors. The electronic conflicts among them and their games do not require any type of communication. The game always is right and el/la nio/a has the resource to end the conflict tightening the button to initiate a new game. Often to learn manipulativas ruses to avoid to happen through those difficulties, they assimilate and them like an ability. Los/as nios/as needs to learn you rule much more of communication productive, more realistic and more effective to get to be adult happy. The conflicts between compaeros/as are of person to person, not of person to machine. The majority of the times the important thing of a conflict between two people is not if reason is had or no; the form in that we discussed is more excellent what who is in the certain one or who is equivocado/a.