Wooden House

The deriving houses wooden of the Europe for if of course dealing with aconchegante house and robosta, emigrated in Brazil in the south region and southeastern part, come if detaching for being construida a fast and clean, easy workmanship of, the s wood houses today also is an article of exportation, being one of the products more exported, not only to the Europe as well as for Africa, cas of wood had taken a new route in the Brazilian economy. Who, appreciates the houses wooden knows today, that it is a noble culture as the Swiss castles, also in great prominences in the Rio Grande Do Sul, Paran, Saint Catariana and Parte of So Paulo and Riode January. More information is housed here: Slayer. Are houses that can to be used in any climate or region after wood if adapta to cold and heat without you feel the difference, being able if in up to three floors with its parts cold in masonry coated of tiles, being able also to be spotted in inks acrylic or pva, in case that the customer does not want the natural varnish that detaches the color of the wood, without counting on its colonial roofs in adobe roofing tiles with several desainers that they fascinate a natural landscape, mainly when in condominiums close to flowery gardens and a lawn that makes with that the wood if has detached still more. in case that it still prefers has chals Swiss in rectangular form that is very used in serranas areas for being cold places and the wood to be aconchegante, therefore it knows martavilha that it is a wooden house. More info: Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta. curiosidades or doubts have access the site.

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