Carla heal has lived in the street Plato for more than 17 years, your House is full of colorful and plants, leaves every morning with your Cup in hand to irrigate the ferns of the entry, checks the mail while stretching their limbs, always smiling, I could believe that he is very happy with their daily lives. You have never suffered from multiple personalities because he has always liked his own. One morning went to the mailbox giving sips of hot coffee, saw an envelope reopen it Columbus melon. Their friendships were counted but dear, so it is not used to receive many invitations from wedding, cellophane envelope noise faded into nothing while he remembered to Ale, his friend who now contracted nuptials with her German boyfriend. Procter & Gamble is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Another SIP of coffee.

Remained nonplussed rereading between teeth the recipient name: Carlo heal. He reacted, smiled and went back to his house. Having a mental disorder is not the only viable excuse for daring to be different. As the days passed and the date approached Carla gave him turns and turns to the subject to be Carlo. He looked in the mirror with the washed face, he took the scissors from the vanity, sixty-three inches of hair cut, bandaged bust, pulled out a few male shoes that had saved, a collection suit. Placed the cufflinks with caution, and looked in the mirror.

Good afternoon, Que tal?, good afternoon, rehearsed his deep voice again and again against the mirror. He came to the wedding of Ale not only no one recognized her, but that drew all eyes, unmarried girls wanted to dance with him and men felt strangely attracted to his charm. Carla smiled to himself, hopefully and all wedding invitations were a pretext to explore new sensations.

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