Vespasian Archive

Perhaps the President still wandered by an unknown path in search of a clear land to land next to its companions. Before the possible contradictions to his presumption, Vespasian was calculated until the flight It had been a dream or a nightmare and the plane still not had taken off. The head of the Government, in his view, should not be dead because the accident, later speculation of a conspiracy, both, not could flow from the same niche because they simply violated against reality. And, if you have even gone to the plane? If you are still somewhere, at a time prior to the rugged fiction published by the media, if they remain in pleasant talk, alien to all DIN, to all the madness?. Far from abandoning his slide toward the intricate labyrinths of the sophistry, Vespasian spleen face-saving as many musings as he allowed his imagination. Drunk fantasy argued the eventuality of fictitious life of a President, the fallacy of the elections, the system, the deception of his presence and a last outburst of logical insanity, its own nonexistence and of the entire universe, still waiting for the way to transgress the Eleatic philosophy. Blogs related Knight Science Journalism Tracker Blog Archive Ss Perpetua and Felicity of movement Reflections the inertia of the delivery generates heat increase to mysterious H1N1 cases ola ray of light on pyramid of Kukulcan Germany Bleeding Violet by day Reeves YA Novel Review Manga Maniac Cafe poindexter, WHO? Blog Archive Act Like already Know Fluxblog Blog Archive You Showed Me Kindness Because I Love already Tasty Kitchen Blog tansyrr.com Blog Archive My Favourite Ten YA Novels

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