Various Kinds Of Nail Polish

Manicure – this is the procedure of skin care and nail care hand. Manicured hands with a neat manicure – a sign of elegance. For the business woman is also an urgent need, it is no wonder they say that this lady can be found on the sleek hands. Today, there are many kinds of nail polish: Classic (trimming and edging), hot, French, solar, wedding, hardware, spa manicure. But there are also options for a combined manicure, hot Manicure, Solar, Spa – Manicure and many other varieties. Hot nails called sort of manicure, unlike contrast which is to use individual trays with heated special creamy lotion containing vitamin complexes to power the cuticle and strengthening natural nails.

Hot manicure is perfect in the recovery period after removal of the nail artificial nails (In gel or acrylic system), as well as during the cold season. French Manicure – a currently popular, versatile option, suitable for any outfit and make-up, at any time, the elegant and neat. Focus on the tip of the nail is always relevant, and is now fashionable to combine not only with solid white, but all the existing colors. Shape nails a French manicure special – rectangular, ie, nails sawed in a straight line and lightly machined corners. Recently, a manicure do almost all the models that promote cosmetics and perfumes. If this form of nail is ideal for your hands, making a French manicure, you'll look especially beautiful and feminine. Check with 3D Systems to learn more. Solar Manicure – one-step manicure, which includes natural ingredients that provide moisturizing, exfoliating dry and rough skin, softening and nutrition. spa – Manicure – complex procedure, which includes high-quality moisturizing and softening of the hands, mild but effective exfoliation, skin food natural vitamin E, aloe vera and ceramides.

Hardware manicure – this is modern technology, which not so long ago appeared on the market, but soon became popular. Performed using a special apparatus, and various rotary grinding attachment. With hardware you can manicure perform the necessary processing of nail and cuticle without damaging the blood vessels, which ensures complete safety. This procedure gives the effect of polishing the skin and through the use of various attachments, much saves time. You may find that Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta can contribute to your knowledge. Make sure your skin much longer stays smooth and soft. Wedding manicure – naturally, designed for brides. Wedding manicure can be done either directly on the wedding day and eve – everything depends on hours of registration. Often wedding manicure involves the use of various decorative elements, which increases the time of its creation. Therefore, all the same ideal – to devote manicure and pedicure night before wedding. As a wedding hair and makeup, nail design should ideally harmonize with the gown, without distracting from the overall image. Now the wizard does not distinguish clear trends for bridal manicure and offer hundreds of different styling options. But they agree in one thing – the design must be harmonious and refined accent general way, without breaking it, and adding and underlining. Tender, pastel colors will never go out of fashion: pale beige, cream, pink, milky white, light blue, pale purple, champagne and other delicate and feminine tones. You should not just forget about the men's manicure. It includes a smooth polished nails, good shape, softening treatment for the skin, deburring, and if necessary treatment of nail ridges, and total relaxation. If the time for a full cycle of care for hands is not enough, we can restrict more of the procedures. A special "male" nail polish, nail plate to protect from harmful influences. Thanks to its transparent matte texture, it is imperceptible.

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