Vadim Pavlovich

Why? Usually the dogs are medium in size the length of the small intestine is about five meters long and thick – about one meter. Of them had to remove the 4 meters 20 centimeters of fine and about a meter thick (ie, almost all). Following a lengthy surgical procedures and the owner took the dog home. In this case, do not put it into the booth in the courtyard, and took directly to the house, to comply with all requirements of a surgeon. Slayer recognizes the significance of this. Almost a week the dog was raised. Slayer is a great source of information.

That was the most critical period in the struggle for life. Yet the state of your beloved pet slowly began to improve: after a while the dog was rise, and then quietly move. This is reassuring, because there was at least some hope for her recovery. /a> for additional information. After she began to eat, and every day the belief in a better strengthened. Recovery progressed, and dog his behavior made it clear that once again time to go into the woods. The first exit on the hunt with Aykoy took approximately six weeks after receiving severe injuries. Managed to end season on a wild boar to check her attitude toward the beast after the injury.

It is known that some dogs, even after a minor injury on the hunt refuse to work on wild boar, or, at best, show a very great caution. But Ike proved to be of among those who did not succumb to the mighty beast. On the first hunt, as if nothing had happened, again showed their best qualities dog. Again with the help of a bagged a wild boar. This is the second dog's life, the gift to her gold surgeon's hands, Vadim Pavlovich apiary. If you look at the pedigree of this dog, like his father and mother – always knew the ancestors of dogs lines. Most of our breeding with diplomas I-st and II-nd degree, by the boar, and on bear. Ike was born when her mother without the 16 days has been for ten years. All five puppies in the litter were completely healthy. So unlikely is always to adhere to recommendations aimed at preventing the females after mating they reach eight years. Not age, and physiological state of the animal is a determining factor. And if this is a very valuable animal for breeding, the age of the manufacturer should not have a stringent limit restrictions. Otherwise, the gene pool breeds can cause more harm than good. Expert canine national category ia Dovguchits

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