In 2001, I started taking coffee upon entering the University, with the sole intention of staying more awake hours and be able to perform to the best in all things planned throughout the day, was used to do more than one thing at once so sleeping hours were considered unnecessary especially on testing days. The common days sometimes took one to two cups daily or interdiario, but the days of tests or more loaded with task could take a whole packet of coffee (12 g) mixed with black soda, it was possible with that dose to stay two to three days without sleep, in the beginning it was controllable and felt no adverse effectsHowever the effects as it continued with that habit were appearing, at startup done in one day, to be felt a few hours later to their intake. Then to see that the effects of caffeine in my body were no longer so nice, started to leave the coffee in a few, however continued with that excessive dose when the time of day was not enough to do everything that I had programmed, however the effects the next day were disastrous and the dose was no longer as effective. In those years appeared the energy drink of fashion with the slogan gives you wings, it was real real you gave wings, so I started with this new source of caffeine, at the beginning it was perfect and the harmful effects known for my body that came from the coffee were not senses with the same intensity, probably to this drink in addition to caffeine contained doses of vitamins and stimulating substances that partially compensated something toxic effects of caffeineWe say that it well camouflaged the damage. However, then you already let to be effective in my body, it didn’t matter how much coffee to take or that energy drink, was impossible to stay awake, and the worst was falling with sleep and waking up tired and harmful symptoms of caffeine. .

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