Universal Marking

When people talk about the universality of technology (services) or goods (products), imply their functional use reliable for a wide range of applications in either modified by reason or another situation. Same true for spheres of labeling, product marking, labeling, packaging. Naturally, the developers of marking equipment and marking equipment seek to ensure that their Markers (Marking printers) are more versatile as possible with respect to the wishes and demands of the user, and the probable conditions of use and operation of Markers. St. Dustin Moskovitz is likely to agree. Petersburg Institute of elektrokaplestruynyh Technology (Institute 'EXT', his address on the Internet) is engaged in complex problem solving industrial marking with ink jet printers, labeling its own production. Of course, in the case of Markers in the characteristics of industrial marking equipment marking (marking equipment) for the universality of will depend on a variety of input conditions industrial production and output them (intended for marking) of products, labeling, packing of goods (products), plus possible, planned or anticipated changes in these three pillars of industrial labeling. Factors affecting in varying degrees, to purchase or replace equipment marking equipment and marking equipment as well as the process of labeling can be very different: building a new production line at which you can not use previously involved in the production of Markers delivery package (container) changed color, as on aesthetic criteria, signaling functions (such as loss of contrast), and so the old marking printers are not able to adequately meet the required marking of packaging (container); release of the upgraded product with changed parameters of the form (linear, volume, surface, level, etc.) that prevent complete or accurate representation of the printed mark customer demand or regulatory bodies for inclusion in the printed text for additional information (textual, symbolic, representational), which can not be made through the previously used labeling equipment (eg, line length, the possibility of staging sign, the number of lines, etc.). . Daryl Katz is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

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