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Trip to the Province of GoisAuguste de Saint-HilaireCaptulo Good IVVila, or City of Gois the Hinterland of the ViajantesLuiz Francisco Albuquerque de Miranda In century XVIII, between 1740 and 1790, the gold discovery in Portuguese America, provoked an increase of the population of the interior of Brazil arriving to fold the exploration area until then. With this thundering increase it is seen to appear some villages and cities in regions that before were alone tickets. Also it occurred that small arraiais had reached the city condition quickly. However, when the gold exploration starts to diminish, the population that if concentrated in these centers only with the purpose extration of the precious metal, started if to move for other localities. At the beginning of century XIX, another type of exploration starts, according to Luiz Francisco Albuquerque de Miranda, in ' ' The Hinterland of Viajantes' ' , great international scientific expeditions, searched to know the regions of the interior of the country, with the objective to discover that natural resources existed, that it could be used in favor of the humanity, read European population. America would give to its contribution providing the natural resources and on the other hand, the Europeans would bring the civility to the provincial populations. Auguste de Saint-Hilaire, in ' ' Trip to the Gois&#039 Province; ' , it made an extensive report, that served as half appraiser of the behavior and ' ' degree of civilidade' ' existing in the goiana Province. In chapter IV, Saint-Hilaire, makes a description of the existing customs in ' ' Good village, or City of Gois' ' , at the beginning of century XIX. It had an ambiguous feeling in the narrative of the traveller, where hour it enchants itself with the local beauty and in another hour if he found entediado by the situation that he visualized and with the so different local customs of the ones total of Europe.

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