To Err is Human

These beings unhappiness, which not even are aware of his disability, have not done evil to anyone, but who is responsible for so crudisima injustice?, how can live among us without stand up to the incomprehensible?, as if were obliged to accept the unacceptable just because we do not know find the answer. And then thought, so strict and unforgiving with our own condition and so carried away when it comes to tolerate the whim of a God who creates us. It is then when I enternecia humanity and declined all their hatred and wickedness, because I really think that if we look carefully, we are creatures out of our element, because we have no element, always acclimated by the need for survival. I don’t pretend to understand my psyche, but that you identify and transcend as human beings, with the human cause, which desvistan of misery and try to see the world as God would do it. Because God has been present since I started thinking about transcend, in lift me from the worldly self lying on the bed I Super God that at times got transmute me. . It is only a mental exercise and I can assure you that everyone can get it. This is how he could obtain an enlightened things view, as I contemplated the world from the heights and seemed small and beautiful at the same time.

Look at the world from the perspective for which we can assume God makes it, try try again. Ousting him from his vantage point, of its dominant position and dominant, free us from their chains, their plans, that’s the idea. Think it through, is when do question our situation about God when they arise spontaneous fraternity samples, are not agree?, because, deep down, we all feel solidarity in our tiny condition with respect to him who has created us as inferior.

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