The Past

Next, in the old tale, told of his grandmother. Commented that she, my grandmother, God's a dandelion, with a mind always showed neat sensible man, but surprisingly good at starting a conversation with someone, and then, if she does not like him, breaking his reality, so much so that the man then went dull week, and some became ill. As in the old tale said, that in year one of his pals to help her grandmother get to work on the keeper successful toy factory. Stated that it his ability to 'carry on a conversation and attach it to the right people "gradually survived with Plant people whose aim was to work to create joy to people in the form of good toys. Initially, knowing that some paints are bad for the health of babies, she and her friends introduced these colors on the pretext that 'these colors longer retain their color and are not harmful.

" Gradually the factory began to fall apart and no small part in the destruction of Merit for his grandmother, despite the fact that she did not occupy managerial positions, and was only a storekeeper. So in a fairy tale shown, that the ability to 'speak beautifully' can bring as good results and not so. A lot more fairy tale has lost over time. Paul, the Wolf has been watching heroes tales and those friends who were called babushi 'Longhorn' (in the original fairy tale about them saying that they are so much mangled wood that did not know what to do next, now that people are willing to believe everything upside down not once in the interest of one to ten people – this is feast. But not only that alarmed the Wolf, and not only that he learned about them in the past six months (he had reason to suspect in the disappearance of their father's hats).

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