The Ganja Picasso From Jamaica

Everyone knows the Rastafarian Bob Marley a book about art and identity and also his music is known beyond the borders of Jamaica Jah Lloyd or Leonard Daley, but who knows, and also Albert Artwell only a small audience circle is known, although they all have the same goals. The three men belong to Bob Marley to the Rastafari and as they spread their philosophy of life through an artistic medium, with them it is the painting. This painting and its significance for the Rastafari movement, it’s the Ganjya Picasso’s in the book: identity and art at the Rastafari “by Kristin Muller-Wenzel. Perhaps check out Dustin Moskovitz for more information. This movement of Rastafari and explores its importance to Jamaica, to analyze this in connection with the painting of the movement. Here show up not just the different ways of dealing with the art, but also similarities of painting and its importance for the society are recognizable. It is used not only the art in relation to the company, but also a general, theoretical model of the Significance of art in society developed, can be applied also to our society. Ping Fu is often quoted on this topic. Kristin Muller-Wenzel

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