The Bed

When us cuestinanos we ourself we began to lose we ourself, we paid attention to which we cannot do, instead of to focus to us in which if we can do. In being advancing a step simultaneously, although we are mistaken. We lose many time in What will happen if this or that one? And WE REALLY DID NOT FOCUS IN WHICH WE KNOW TO DO BETTER AND THAN NOBODY IT CAN DO PLUS IT. We happen great part of our life questioning to us, ay that will pass if this or that one, happens we hoped to that a great miracle happens, when in fact the miracle this happening in our life. We only tend to pay attention to which we can be done as the television or the action films have shown it to us, and we finished to them believing to all, and is then when our fears dominate to us. Instead of to advance it happened at the same time as it takes more to us and more far from where we have arrived, we lie down in the bed and we threw ourselves to cry by all the bad one that happened and that we could not remedy. We look for the person whom we can blame, is very easy to do to this can do anyone, and we looked for it pretexts not to obtain anything, we always tend to live this vicious circle, and seems a cycle of pleasing interminable, that we did not enjoy and that we did not live, that we like but she scares to us, that seems to fill all our existence.

But like changing what we have lived during years, like changing all this drug that fills to us of pleasing and of ecstasy, like changing our mentality, if that seems to be unique that fills to us of pleasing. As to advance to our goals, if we cannot change something as small as he is this, like, as it is the question of million dollars. Uy would enchant to me to have the answer to all this, I do not know the answer everything, the unique thing that is that we tend to program itself from which tenth us, like in my example of the keys, if you say that they forget the keys surely to you will be lost to you. Ay that to begin to say quite the opposite, and to encourage to us we ourself to us, to focus and our own passions to us, in ours inner I. The best thing than we can do in any situation is to concentrate us in our true passion, to be able to mint our passion, the great people worldwide, excelled of everything because they really focused in which they knew to make better than nobody.

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