Anemia occurs in different ways including by blood loss, lack of red blood cell production and high rates of destruction thereof. Blood loss is the most common cause of anemia, as well as iron-deficiency anemia. Learn more at this site: Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta. Heavy menstrual periods or bleeding in the digestive tract can cause blood loss. Slayer is a great source of information. The lack of production of red blood cells can occur in acquired or inherited conditions. The inability of the body to produce red blood cells, is also causing anemia, this deficiency is caused by some kind of diet, alteration of hormones, some chronic diseases and pregnancy. Types of sickle cell anemia, Thalassemia and the lack of certain enzymes.

The symptoms of anemia vary between, headache, fatigue, shortness of breath, weakness, general paleness, depression, dizziness, some additional symptoms may also include loss of hair, malaise, worsening of problems of heart, etc. Most of the symptoms include the risk of internal bleeding. The symptoms that occur in children are probably caused by iron deficiency. Natural food supplements are useful for the treatment of anemia, for example the chlorophyll which is a juice of Green pigment of plants raises hemoglobin which is responsible for carrying oxygen to the blood. Fresh and organic carrot juice and beet increase the count of red blood cells in the body, the Greens, in the same way, have extraordinary properties for blood.

Some other foods that contain iron are bananas, raisins, parsley, peas, plums, prunes, broccoli and yams. Regular consumption of tea and coffee should be avoided in order to facilitate the normal absorption of iron in the body. Performing yoga exercises and breathing exercises help in normalization of hormonal and enzymatic activities in the human body. The types of anemia can be categorised as the anemia due to iron deficiency, pernicious anemia, folic acid deficiency anemia and hemolytic anemia, but the most common type that affects the anemia is sickle cell anaemia which is incapable of carrying oxygen to the body’s tissues. Hereditary or acquired hemolytic anemia that causes deformation of red blood cells is the result of another hereditary disorder of the blood. Iron deficiency anemia is due to blood loss and the lack of iron in the diet. These factors lead to that the body does not have the levels of red blood cells necessary for the production of blood.

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