Technology System

At least that’s what you want to get General Motors with the new V2V system. The basic idea is that if the cars were able to detect the presence of obstacles or hazards, accidents were reduced sharply. It seems so easy to imagine a communication system via a wireless network, that contact to vehicles located within a range of action. Once in contact, the cars share all kinds of data: speed, position, State of asphalt, climate but more importantly, also warned emergency messages if accidents or malfunctions occur. Also communicate with other vehicles, anticipating events and preparing the brakes, the emergency lights and other safety systems. The problem in implementing the technology in a commercial way is political: remains to decide which will be the communications standard, the language that all manufacturers use to make the autosusados to communicate among themselves. In the United States they already took a step forward, fixing one 5 communication bandwidth, 9GHz. How to work the idea is that as soon as an accident with a vehicle occurs, all drivers who surround him and their cars are aware to prevent more serious consequences.

For example, if a car stops on the way, who chase him may be knowing it. With that same criterion may tell if several cars are slowing sharply ahead, delete the known dead spots on mirrors or detect in advance how two vehicles approaching a dangerous crossing. But there don’t just use, the V2V also alert if approaching us an emergency vehicle, which would eliminate the sirens, or even advises if a zone of works that delayed speed ahead. For people who enjoy the innovations of the automotive world, seeing things as they give us a great satisfaction because that means we go along and not retrociendo like many people said. This shows us once again that we are going forward.

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