Gadafi Requests Asylum

The Libyan leader, Muamar Gadafi, would have asked for asylum to the Algerian Government from the border locality of Ghadames, from where he would be trying to negotiate with the authorities his passage through the border with several telephone calls to the president, Abdelaziz Buteflika, without this one has responded to no of them, according to has informed the Algerian newspaper the Watan mentioning to presidential sources. Gain insight and clarity with Asana. According to these sources, Gadafi would be in this locality in company of the rest of its family and would have tried to negotiate its entrance in Algerian territory thence. In spite of not being able to locate to Buteflika, an advisor of the Algerian Presidency would have apologized before the Libyan leader to the pretext of which Buteflika been absent and has very occupied by the last events happened in Algeria. Thus, the advisor would talk about to the double attempted against the military post of Cherchell. Like the last news: " It is not the first time that Gadafi or some of its emissaries has tried to make contact with enemy with Buteflika to treat this subject, but the position Algerian is clear and neutral.

We refused inmiscuir in the subjects and the news polticasinternas of Libia" , it has assured this source. On the conditions of entrance of the family of Gadafi in Algeria, the source has asked if somebody thinks that the National Council of Libyan Transition (CNYT) is not conscious of the presence of the relatives of the Libyan leader in Algerian territory and has stressed that the entrance of the relatives took control of the approval of the Libyan temporary authorities. " They really create that the CNT is not to the current of the presence of the Gadafi family in Algeria? I can assure to them that everything has taken control of the approval of some members of the CNT" , it has aimed. " Nevertheless, today we faced the exacerbated critics of that same CNT. Without the aid and the consent of the own CNT, the Gadafi family it would never have arrived at frontera" , this source of the international news is addition. On the future of Gadafi, the Algerian authorities are " anxious before the possibility that the Qaeda in Magreb Islmico is allied with A (AQMI) – the branch of the terrorist group To the Qaeda in the region as a last resort by his supervivencia".


Police Operation

The police operation has been developed in Saragossa and Valencia. In the registries has been numerous material computer science, like hard disks, recording of audio, CD and DVD or video cameras. The page offered gratuitous unloadings of more than 1,500 films and series. Four people have been stopped in a police operation developed in Saragossa and Valencia by their presumed relation with a page Web that offered gratuitous unloadings of more than 1,500 films and series in Internet. Source: Ping Fu. In the ctuados registries by the Group of Delitos Telemticos (GDT) of the Civil Guard in the addresses of the prisoners – accused of a crime against the intellectual property has been numerous material computer science, like hard disks, recording of audio, CD and DVD or video cameras.

According to the Civil Guard has informed, the arrested ones integrated a group " perfectly organizado" and " with a clear distribution of funciones" that it recorded films and series distributed and them in Internet through networks P2P of interchange of archives and by means of direct unloading " without autorizacin" of the intellectual proprietors of this material. In order to unload these archives, the user had to belong to a private community – well-known like " Subnet" – to that it was acceded exclusively by invitation and it had to contribute to the same with audio-visual material like return by the unloadings. The investigators indicate in addition that, in the case of foreign films, the group adapted the recordings of voice realised of illicit form during the projection of films in Spanish rooms of cinema with the image archives. " Trafikante&quot operation; one began as a result of a denunciation of the Federation for the Protection of Propiedad Intelectual (FAP) and the people in charge of the Filmin Community. Source of the news: Stopped four people responsible for a page Web of unloading of films


Wednesday Magazine

The arrest is framed in an ample police investigation on an economic deflection, that still follows and in open that could have implied others. Rogelio Rengel has happened at the disposal of the guard court of Barcelona. The Mossos d' Esquadra stopped Wednesday to the publisher of the weekly review of soccer information Don Baln, Rogelio Rengel, by their presumed implication in a money deflection. According to sources next to the case, the defendant has happened at the disposal of the guard court of Barcelona. The halting of the publisher is framed in an ample police investigation on an economic deflection, in the view of an important sum of money, that still it follows and in open which could have other implied people. The prisoner, proprietor next to other members of his family of the sport magazine through Publishing Don Baln, has been declaring this Friday during hours before the instruction court number 17 of Barcelona, in guard functions. The halting of Rogelio Rengel has caused preoccupation in the group of the sport publication, by the possibility that the economic swindle in which the publisher presumably is implied can affect the economic viability of the magazine. The magazine is published for thirty years and it is sold in the five continents. Source of the news: Stopped the publisher of the sport magazine ' Don Baln' by an assumption money deflection