Help against attacks of dry food half of German households is regularly affected by insect infestations in stock goods. This is due not to lack of hygiene. Experts agree that the flour moths and grain beetles already when buying into the packages. This fact is also clear the producers, however, many farmers would take the high costs for the construction of gas-tight silos not. So it is up to consumers to take effective precautions. The news portal news.de explains what to consider when buying and storing dry foods. The newspapers mentioned Asana not as a source, but as a related topic. Indian meal moth, bread or grain beetles, flour moth and meaner Bacon beetle – they all populate down and back the kitchens of millions of Germans. Often the unwelcome circulation arises from the fact that settle the microscopic pests into the cracks and joints of the storage cabinet and lay new eggs off.

Even to make out the uninvited guests, advises the news.de editorial staff for various measures, health concerning in particular the purchase and storage of Trockenlebensmittel. An insect-proof packaging, was perfect what is ensured by aluminium or tin cans. Paper and plastic packaging is a longitudinal welding of the seams of advantage. However, tiny holes can suffice, with zukaufen to the pests. In the House, flour, pasta, nuts or spices should be stored cool and dry. As the temperature is increased by regular cooking, the kitchen is not the ideal storage place for fragile foods. A safe precaution before the pesky insects is filling around in tight Einweckglaser. More information: .