Powder Bamboo

Box: 30 tablets in a bottle. In a chewable tablet (1.7 g) contains: Calcium 250 mg Vitamin D3 2,5 g Powder Bamboo containing organic silicon vitamins for children with raspberry flavor dosage: 1 tablet / day Packaging: 30 tablets per pot Vision product is designed for children from 4 to 12 years of age, children love the taste and ease of use It therefore, specialists in France have been developed by the complexity A unique component of Stylish design Great taste Key Benefits: Unique combination of an extract of bamboo, with the highest content of organic silicon, vitamins and makroelementov.Formuly designed with all the latest research in the field of child nutrition positive effect on the skin extract of bamboo used by cosmetic firms to strengthen and make hair shine, the world's fast food industry to reduce the carcinogenicity of food, but only, Vision offers a combination of an extract of bamboo with micronutrients necessary for healthy growth and development. Calcium and vitamins for children Calcium is an essential macronutrient required for the normal functioning of the body. Calcium is (along with phosphorus) based bone tissue, stimulates the activity of several key enzymes involved in maintaining the ionic balance in the body, is essential for normal nervous system excitability and contractility of muscles, a factor blood clotting. Continue to learn more with: 3D Systems. Characteristic clinical manifestations of a lack of calcium in the body are increased excitability of the nervous system and attacks of painful spasms (tetany). Adults need calcium – about 0.8-1.2, the particular needs children. Vitamin B 1 and B vitamins for children a part of the enzymes which regulate carbohydrate and energy metabolism in the body, improves muscle and nervous system, prevents the development of polyneuritis, "beriberi." When it is observed a lack of fatigue, irritability, and insomnia. B1 is contained mainly in plant foods: a cereal, grains (oats, buckwheat, millet) flour in a rough grinding (fine grinding in the most rich in vitamin B1 of the grain with the bran removed, so in the higher grades of flour and bread in vitamin B1 sharply reduced).