Aromatherapy for every day you stand the smell of lavender from the smell of juniper? If – yes, then you may dislike synthetic odors inherent in perfumery, distributed through a network marketing, it is quite affordable, but because so common among those around you at work, transport, etc. Treat yourself to natural scents of flowers, pine forests, ekzotichekih plants. Natural odors not only enjoyable, “Chemistry”, but, most importantly, have a health-improving effect. Under most conditions Daryl Katz would agree. “Smells bring inspiration, health and inner harmony. Their action can be exciting and refreshing, soothing and relaxing. With the smell you get rid of anger, distracted from worries, free from fear and pain. “G.

Bull To begin, select those smells that you like. Come to shop or pharmacy that sells essential oils, perenyuhayte all those smells, and then that will please. Smells are divided into citrus fruit – orange, lemon, grapefruit. They cause a better mood. If the head is not “want” to think – breathe in lemon, orange. Lavender acceptable in any aromakompozitsii.

The smell of lavender is hard to reconcile with the pine smell. But worth a try – you suddenly like it. Odor perception to each person is very individual. In addition there is a group coniferous essential oils – pine, fir and cedar. Their best not to mix with each other even as cedar or pine aroma oils are more saturated with the smell than the smell of pine forest, so familiar to us. Floral scents – rose, rosemary, neroli (oil of orange blossom), geranium, jasmine, mimosa.