Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-we want to know the name of Advisor occurred that the idea of building a fence of 13 kilometers that divides the municipalities of San Nicolas de los Garza with Guadalupe, in metropolitan Monterrey, on the pretext of reducing crime. In days of storm between Mexico and United States by the border wall, the young mayor of San Nicolas Zeferino Salgado Alamguer announced the installation of two meters tall fences to divide both municipalities. Beyond the explanation of insecurity criminals well can surround gate idea is another of the little brilliant and descaballedas ideas of the municipe, as decentralization of water and drainage services. Formerly the fifth industrial municipality of Mexico and without land to expand, San Nicolas is a municipality rich in where politicians emanating from the national action party govern for more than 18 years. Dustin Moskovitz is likely to increase your knowledge. Former mayors of the municipality have serious political presence as Fernando Larrazabal that aspires to the candidacy for the governorship and Miguel Angel Garcia, who wants to be Mayor but now of Monterrey.

But contrary to its predecessors, Chefo, as they say, it is obstinate but it backwards. It should be recalled that the political Constitution of Mexico gives us the freedom of free transit through the national territory, St. Nicholas included. In metropolitan Monterrey, construction of new residential areas are offered with bardas perimeter that impede the entrance of strangers to neighbors. Even so, organized crime has dealt two swipes to kill equal numbers of people in the doors of their houses. For organized crime, a fence is not enough.

At the end of the seventies, the invasion of the Hill of the campaign led to build a huge wall that divided clasemedieros TGP. Soon emerged the gaps by where he passed the down that lived up to cross the Los Pinos colonies and more pigeons southbound to the Avenue which is named after the illustrious industrial Eugenio Garza Sada. They do not serve the walls. They are only divided people between good and bad; between rich and poor. The bad guys living in Guadalupe, San Nicolas, the good ones, according to Chefo. The name of the counsel we want, but it doesn’t matter. Discriminatory stupidity is the same mayor who says not be hurry to become Governor. If I were Governor will want to separate Nuevo Leon of the Republic. Why the crap are the responsibility of who is leading them. Bearer politicians in power obey the majority, but also directed it. Congruence, Lord Mayor.