Home Automation

To make sustainable emerging energy consumption of households in this world so globalized there to think about saving energy or manufacture it in a natural way, is self-evident; but that all this happens by a new education in the construction of housing by making use of the potential offered to us home automation still not has permeated both. The possibilities of saving that offers us a home within the home automation system is immense, blinds that they can raise or lower depending on the orientation of the Sun with temperature sensors, lights that illuminate the presence of persons, but that shuts off the absence of presence, heaters that lower consumption in the absence of presence in the Houseetc many times think that this type of equipment not integrates elegantly with the decoration of a House, but nothing more from reality, the design is very advanced and finishes of sensors and home automation keys are very advanced, even I would say that a medium-high range, which helps in the decoration of a HouseIn addition to obtaining a benefit energy considerable. In Spain and more specifically in the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid is taught a Masters in construction and home automation that gives a professional orientation of face to implement these advances in construction dwellings making spaces more intelligent and sustainable energy. This Thursday, July 1 is celebrated a day in the UPM on this theme coinciding with the closure of the course and it seems very interesting..