Restaurant Design

The place was spotless and freshly painted. It seemed an appropriate provision to be useful, but each one wanted to make a change. Small change actually but it was as if they felt they had to put your personal touch. Amid laughter and jokes were changing the layout of the tables and chairs to find the one that was accepted by everyone. They decided to change the curtains and tablecloths for people to know that the bar would be run by new owners. Wanted to see different and this was the change cheaper. They agreed that a green striped cloth not very bright color would highlight on the edge of the trim and the lower cloth.

They found out where to have and they did that day. They promised to be ready in four days. Then went to buy some paintings to decorate the walls. They had done a calibration of the stocks and had considered that the time was not necessary to buy anything else. It would in the course of days and once things started to work that elements were missing. They preferred not to hurry to buy thinking that could be loaded with things that really does not prove functional or useful and would not waste money on that. They spent the next few days finding out about potential suppliers and putting together the menu of snacks. For the latter had been lunching and dining at different places in the area to observe that it was what they wanted most Chileans because they were aware that their tastes were had some differences with the Argentines.