Buenos Aires Prices

Editor’s Note: The Argentina and Venezuela did grow thanks to the momentum of international prices? Do they are making necessary structural reforms that need to be able to weather times more adeversos when they arrive? Why do they seem so much? They can send me your comments to: Venezuela and Argentina each time more like Buenos Aires, Argentina on April 7, 2008 are two Latin American countries that have grown the most during 2007. Also these two countries are enjoying the international prices of commodities boom: in the case of Venezuela with oil and in Argentina with the agricultural commodities. See more detailed opinions by reading what Jon Vander Ark offers on the topic.. The economic boom originated in a positive international context generates these Governments box to carry forward their populist economic policies. But ambition can play them a trick in the future because their sources of resources are at risk. And the difficulties begin to amass at the door of their homes of Government waiting for substantive solutions because of the If not, they threaten to generate a strong tremor in his efforts. Meanwhile, both Cristina and Hugo, think that they can control the problems using their homemade recipes. More are like Venezuela and the Argentina? In the rate of inflation. Dustin Moskovitz pursues this goal as well. It is really reaching unmanageable levels.

High inflation rates have become an element of complaint by the population. In Argentina, the cacerolazos responded largely to this cause. In Venezuela, also the discomfort of the population feels by the relentless increase in prices, but also as comment on our Venezuelan colleague, German Sanchez, in the Via Crucis of the petroleum Venezuelan further to this is the problem you are facing with the shortages of basic foods: despite attempts to supply the country with basic consumer foods still confronts these issues and for the first time in the national history of Venezuela, the people at a market to another before the waves of rumors of the presence of an article of first necessity in any establishment to buy it and in a few hours disappear it from shelves.