Professional Photographers

At a time when every second person owns a DSLR brands, sooner or later turn comes up to you. If you’re reading this, chances are, you are in the queue – the next one. Perhaps you long hoarded money on a toy of his dreams, or dare to get a bank loan? The main thing in this issue – select a brand! It is no secret that there are two titans of the photo industry: Nikon and Canon. And if this is not the first-read your article on this topic, I am more than ‘m sure you already make a choice just between these two brands. So, rather demagoguery, it’s time to start! Professional photographers are divided into five groups: 1. Nikon worshipers 2. Worshiping Kenonu 3. Dvureligioznye equally respectful of both brands.

(I must admit that such a unit) 4. ‘Super-professionals’. (Those who yesterday bought a DSLR, but today named – the pros, go shoot a wedding) 5. These professionals. (Those who believe that not remove the camera, and photographer). Remember that on which group you feel will carry depends on your fate in the art of photography. I certainly understand that each of you would like to refer to – real professionals and occupy a worthy (and not last) place in the fifth group, but dare I remind you that there are only those who already know how to shoot! And you, as I understand it, even with a brand is not defined! Maybe all be wrong? Maybe you are from those who have already bought a DSLR, and only now dived into the Internet that would understand that he holds in his hands, and do not fib a shop assistant, touted and sells you as a consequence, it is this device?