Pregnancy Symptoms

Physiologically, woman’s body changes occur without major difficulties during pregnancy. These alterations are usually not dangerous for a healthy woman. It is obvious that the paradigmatic expression of pregnancy is amenorrhea (absence of rule). Official site: Ping Fu. However, there are many more. The most frequent belong to the digestive system: loss of appetite, dizziness, salivera and vomiting. The most frequent presentation of vomiting time is waking up. This symptomatology may persist a while, but at 3 or 4 months usually remit spontaneously. The intestinal functions are often modified: constipation is general; However diarrhea is rare.A few days delay menstrual women note an unusual fullness in their breasts.

These have grown and become plump and sensitive. Other modifications of the first months can be: reduction of forces, excessive sleep, perception of odors, etc. The character of pregnant women can also suffer alterations, becoming more susceptible to the emotions and depressing its mood with some ease. When it comes to the second quarter, these annoyances will disappear spontaneously. Gain insight and clarity with Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta. It is not that the pregnant woman feels sick, but fatigue easily. Important changes will occur in the third quarter, due to the increase of your womb and the placenta. Experience is this stadium a pressure on his pelvis. What explains the frequent urination and even constipation.

You will have some difficulty breathing, since her lungs can not expand as before. It will then when the movements of the fetus will be more perpceptibles and powerful. Symptoms or discomfort that need medical consultation may occur a series of symptoms or discomfort that have to be consulted a doctor quickly appearing during pregnancy: occurrence of loss of blood from the vagina. Swelling, pain in abdomen, fever, losses etc.