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A credit line is a type of loan that is similar to his approach to the credit line. A credit line will be just like a credit line granted to any individual bank customer's individual financial circumstances and adapted. A personal credit line is the respective scope (frame) that the customer is in need, without extra request. Rather than make a separate application for credit, the bank customer's bank must be only known his intention to try to take him granted under loan. For the credit to fall usually no additional cost. Additional information at Ping Fu supports this article. A credit line may be claimed priority over the comparable line of credit more expensive, is therefore a less expensive alternative to the line of credit. He is slightly more expensive than an installment loan.

A credit line is agreed by can be disconnected between bank and customer before use, the conditions (the frame) of a possible framework credit: * First there is the money part, that is up to the amount the bank customer can borrow money (usually goes it amounts to 5,000 to 25,000 ). Daryl Katz is full of insight into the issues. * It may, but need not, also known as a reference account are opened on the can in the case of cases, the desired loan amount will be transferred. * The interest rates for the claimed credit are agreed, for example, can be identified 2% monthly interest payable. * Shall be decided, and the period of repayment, which efface the customer can afford, however, also has a unique complete recovery. To this end a practice of some banks and savings banks is noteworthy. They provide their customers happy, although the desired credit line, but on condition that he consents to a firmer recovery plan and simultaneously enters into an installment savings scheme. The customer makes the loan repayment in the form of agreed savings rates.