Tourist Composition

Rural tourism is one of the main tourist activities in the eje cafetero de Colombia and consolidates itself as a tool to generate sustainable development with equity with high participation of local investment. Here we present some points which offers rural tourism in this area: * integrates natural resources (attractions) and the daily life of the rural community. * As part of the tourist offer, promotes and integrates sustainable practices. ** The tourist experience adapts to the shape of rural life and the dynamics of preservation of rurality (showing originality, peculiarity, warm and comfortable atmosphere and the authenticity of the rural part of the country). ** Based on management, participation and integration at the local level.(Improvement of the local organization in which several families or even the entire community are involved). ** Integrates the local population in entrepreneurial activity and is distributed equitably the benefits through the increase and diversification of incomes of the rural families. * It promotes conservation of the land in the hands of its inhabitants. Tourism in conjunction with community organizations have been developing a series of activities for improving the Rural Community tourism, establishing some fundamental principles that tended, by ensuring the development of the rural community tourism.

* Environmental tourist products that promote a sustainable use of ecosystems.This involves an assessment of the impacts of tourism on the natural environment and the establishment of corrective actions and good practices in order to avoid the danger of the integrity of ecosystems. ** The incorporation of environmental education directed to the consolidation of the culture of the environment. * Taking into account the community rural tourism as a whole in interaction with other economic and social activities. * Priority to basic businesses. ** Search of entrepreneurial integration aimed at facilitating the creation of marketing channels. Promotion of the diversification and the innovation of the offer in relation to the sustainable use of natural and cultural attractions. ** Gives priority to mechanisms that ensure the equitable distribution of the benefits generated by tourism activity at local and regional level and the development of cultural values in the communities. ** Protection and development of cultural values.

Promotion of the active participation of women. ** The social integration of minorities, including ethnic communities. ** The integration and the local concentration of tourist services. ** The use of the local workforce, providing social security established by the law. * Tourist promotion of quality of the product through the training of the community. Rural tourism of Quindio, stems from the need of generating economic alternatives able to diversify the income of the families of this area promoting tourism activities of the farms in the Quindio with the participation of the local government as a new segment on firm growth, with plans tourist eje cafetero presenting individuals very positive, fully inverse to the well-known problems caused?