Country House Fences

An important part of the country house is a fence. It not only serves to protect the house from prying eyes and unwelcome guests, but also a design element of the plot. Currently, the fence for a country house made of concrete, brick, wood or metal. Wooden fences are the traditional kind of fencing suburban areas and have a low price, but at the same time, their use is overshadowed by the need for frequent painting and replacement of rotted elements. Brick fences characterized by reliability and the ability to better protect the country from the site intrusion. So the fences easily make the necessary form and they fit well into the design of suburban area or country house. Stone fences have the same characteristics as the brick, but the construction of fences made of stone require more time and money. Mesh fence to suburban home runs often with the use of mesh-netting, the choice is now quite broad. Concrete fences are also well protect the suburban area of intrusion are high durability, while the cost of the fence at 10-15% less expensive than brick.