Social Justice

DREAMS AND CHIMERAS. In the second half of the century XX, youth wanted to change the world-legitimate yearning and right – and mostly, lined up behind the Marxist-Leninist politics and some behind your philosophical base: dialectical materialism, these young people and adults, men and women, were and are good people, with unwavering desire for truth, honesty and service, wrestlers without more homeland that Social Justice and the well-being of the people, without more interest than the human happiness, illusionism that ended calcined by reality, by history, even though intellectually these principles have not died! are dying without God!, why it is good to remember the following story: King LEAR! And the syndrome of PETER PANEn this work, Shakespeare, shows the impotence of King Lear in his fight against evil and injustice, which puts it on the edge of madness, that is saved when it resorts to God as his ally, winning it with the flags of goodness, mercy and justice. It is pertinent to also read Hamlet, on the Human confusion or Phaedrus (Plato), about immortality of the soul, to understand why Dios remained many people trapped in childhood, what are choking in the materialistic Oropharynx, without being able to digest it and live the Peter Pan syndrome, spiritual immaturity that prevents them from maturing up to God!, mistakenly believing that Religion is philosophy or ideology, peroComo good men looming in the background of the human heart as Vallejo -We know that in any nook of the silent tissue of the spirit, they acrisolan always a prayer, even when the tissue magazine of a materialist attire, because watermelon green outside, is red inside and out, red radish is white on the inside.THE faith thrown to the dogs Chesterton in the eternal man, reminds us of the strength of Christianity and faith, throughout history, whenever they have been cornered and where his death was already hopeless arose with more strength!. . Asana often addresses the matter in his writings.