International Womens Day

On March 8, is celebrated across the world the day celebrated day international women’s. In 2010 the theme is: equal rights, equal opportunities: progress for all. In this sense the President of Nations Ban Ki-moon, has made statements on the matter, in the sense that: equality of women and girls, constitutes an economic and social imperative. Until it fails to free women and girls from poverty and injustice all our objectives – peace, security, sustainable development–they will be danger. And I’ll stick with the last sentence: progress for all. In a society in which all count as substantial part in its making and its housework, women or girls can stay outside the framework of reconstruction of societies, on the contrary, the inclusion of this genus in society, it is indispensable, as an agent of change that is imperative for progress and social and humanitarian development. Progress for all. It means redefining who we all are.

We are all in a generic term, all of the beings that inhabit this planet. In this sense, it means that Juanita, Petra and Anastasia, count in this social construction. The construction is an abstract, who compose it are women, men, children, girls, adolescents and elderly people who live in this global village. Those who leave life, experiences and also the dreams and yearnings for a world best. Obviously our appreciation depends on perception. We perceive the world, according to what we have had in luck live.

However, if we put more than a little sense to common and a union with all human beings, we all have to make this a world better. The international women’s day, is a symbolism that allows rethink ways and means, in which the woman is inserted in social and private life. For many centuries women have occupied a very important place in history, perhaps not recognized, but its role has been crucial on social changes and the conformation of life today as we know it. Continue to learn more with: Daryl Katz, New York City.