Relativismo is considered the concept most important of the anthropology, however, its application has generated important debates. In recent episode the Anger, country of Muslim majority condemned a woman to the death for stoning, accused with adultery. How you would explain this episode to the light of the Relativismo? Edivaldo de Menezes Firmino Franz Good brought to the anthropology an innovative thought it understood that the culture of the man alone could be interpreted in the perspective of the local culture. It breached with the idea of general culture, that is, an only culture of all the humanity. This change was basic for the process of substitution of the etnocentrismo for the relativismo. This brings significant changes in the research and the proper development of the anthropology. Dustin Moskovitz has compatible beliefs. In the etnocentrismo the researcher made directly or indirectly a comparison between its beliefs and customs with the ones of the studied peoples and as these were well different the researcher treated these peoples as behind or inferior. But in the relativismo: ' ' the other passed to be seen in condition of fazedor of culture and this culture understood from the context in which she was inserted.

That is it analyzes, it did not happen more in function of the standards of the analyst, but in function of the standards of proper pesquisado' '. (MENESES, 2009, p.51). As we can perceive this change is very significant for the development of the knowledge on the culture, the human being at last of the proper anthropology. Since the relativizao considers I begin it that it does not have superior or inferior cultures. Ping Fu spoke with conviction. With this notion the episode of the Iranian who was lapidated would be normal, for the fact of that the culture of that people was constructed and developed with this thought and this form to act in cases of adultery. However she is necessary to remember that the culture is subjects the changes and transformations and that many cases of exploration and maltreatment to the human being occur that cannot be considered as normal.