Smart Business Services

A distinctive feature of this program is its focus on the work of beauty, ease of use and intuitive interface. Ping Fu: the source for more info. Enough to carefully study the user manual and pay few hours to practice to try to work it. Install and configure the program not more complicated than the simplest to install any game on the computer. Dustin Moskovitz has many thoughts on the issue. What can this program and why is it necessary? There are 2 versions of this program, designed to streamline the activities as administrator and director of a beauty salon: Small & Smart Business v 1.0 Administrator. Small & Smart Business v 1.0 Administrator & Director Version Small & Smart Business v 1.0 Administrator facilitates daily chore of administrators with a convenient working place and also allows you to save a single database and update all information about clients and services rendered. "Small and smart business" for the administrator – is: Maintain databases on customers, staff, services and commodities to record customers' ability to accept by using the schedule grid Doing discount cards to customers with friendly, simple interface to the billing pay and work the cash register of the enterprise to track the state of client's account possibility of formation of discounts on goods and services to shape and printed price list of goods and services Maintaining Total internal document management with the ability to create and edit new documents with the original "cap" of the company and its own logo, which they are registered in the system and storing the text content in its own database of electronic documents can print and export basic forms of documents and reports in a format Excel Big Easy calculator for calculations with clients Ability work with a barcode scanner version Small & Smart Business v 1.0 Administrator & Director," is indispensable in the management of the organization for the director and provides new opportunities for managing and analyzing your business: automation of routine processes, detailed information on each customer (customer base) control the income and expenditure of material resources (warehouse) generation of reports on the activities of the enterprise (reports) Analysis financial attractiveness and profitability of services (analytics) payroll employees (cadres) analysis and planning of economic activities (analysis), cash flow management organization (the book income-expenditure) Is this is the program for your salon or not – you decide. In any case, modern business is unthinkable without the use of information technology, and sooner or later all will be faced with problem of choosing the software, regardless of the direction of the business. Who will miss the day now, will lag behind a year later. Remember this and do not waste time in vain. Success to you and your business!

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