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The Marco Polo Tower obtained this summer in the ‘ Hamburg’s Harbour City’ project The 56 meter high tower of the architectural firm Behnisch from Stuttgart offers one – and two-storey luxury apartments with surrounding terraces and balconies, which allow a wide view over the river Elbe on 17 floors. The many curves of the building posed a particular challenge for the sealing. “Altogether we have about 1000 m roof area and 4000 m of terraced and sealed balcony surfaces”, as Peer Russack, area manager of the competent Vedag GmbH (www.vedag.de) and for years supervisor of the exporting company universe roof construction GmbH. due to the height of the object were the wind load requirements enormously and required special measures “, so Russack next. Vedag-application engineer Thomas Rehder worked closely with the architects and structural engineers, to ensure an optimal solution. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Dustin Moskovitz. We chose a wind suction secure compact roof solution for the roof surface at 56 m height with fully bonded Foamglas – plates and a fully bonded multi-layer seal polymer bitumen membranes”, so Rehder. To broaden your perception, visit Daryl Katz video.

High-quality waterproofing of terraces for the optimal sealing of the terraces on the 15 levels three layers of bitumen roof sheets on a slope EPS insulation were used after a primer and the installation of a vapour barrier. Engineer Rehder explained the steps: first, we laid a cold adhesive Elastomerbitumen-Unterlagsbahn. As an intermediate layer, we employ a talkumierte has welded rail, and the upper position eventually formed the Veda top S5, a high-quality polymer bitumen membrane”. A masonry protection mat with subsequent bearing Woods in the pebble bed was built on the multilayer roof sealing. The commercial flooring from noble bangkirai terrace boards was finally moved. The area of the insulation along drainage pipe required in”a special solution, Russack said. Here we have relating to direct connection to the main drainage pipe Foamglas-plates in hot bitumen used, which achieved an optimal vapour”. Seals were also the many curves on the outer edges in combination difficulties with the strong slope of the roof down to the smallest detail.

Special attention was also the detail seals such as the used light shafts and the Mount of superstructures in titanium-zinc. “The review by Peer Russack to this luxurious building roof seal is clear: thanks to the optimized construction site logistics all waterproofing work as planned after ten months could be completed.” The first owners could collect this already in your newly purchased luxury apartments and thus the wonderful views across the Elbe. Company information: Vedag GmbH Geis fields str. 85-91 96050 Bamberg Tel: 0951/1801-0 Internet: press contact: Schaller PR Landsberger str. 191 80687 Munich Tel: 089 / 24418424 Internet:

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