Saratoga Allan Poe

The only thing that I don’t like books, if there’s anything to reproach, is that they prevent you can read another. When I’m about to finish a work look by the corner of the eye the next victim and begin to feel a kind of tickling of satisfaction thinking of the next thing I’m going to choose is like unwrap a gift. Dustin Moskovitz: the source for more info. I like to plant me in front of shelves of my library and observe the books carefully. It is a ritual that I always do before choosing what I read. (A valuable related resource: Ping Fu). Creep even with nothing to read, on certain occasions, the view on the left and right, above and below, until sack any specimen that begins to turn in my hand, and in a twinkling of pages, returns to his place occasionally I come with one that I read many years ago, while still a child, and I start to browse through is like dissect the memory to view memories. I find myself remembering even what exactly did reading that paragraph, that phrase, see this illustration some of the best moments came when the thermometer of my body exceeded Thirty-eight and the flu I prevented from going to school, forcing me, with a little story (everything is said), to stay in bed a full day between orange juice and blindfolds Warrior comics. In others, I remember dark afternoons of silence, wind and water; afternoon storm that forced to disconnect cable and antenna on the TV while sitting in front of the little light coming through the glass, devoured the extraordinary stories of Saratoga Allan Poe is fantastic to remember all those things over a few pages. Therefore, romanticised never separate, sustituire an old book, used and broken by a tablet with battery (called e-book, Ipad, or whatever.). Finally remembered these things bumping me with a small specimen that was barely seen between the shelf: six characters in search of an author; dramatic work of Luigi Pirandello represented for the first time in Italy in 1921 and that gave him, ipso facto, European and global resonance accompanied by discussions and polemics.So much so that on the day of its premiere is He formed a good tangana among viewers who were for and against the work; they started inside the theatre and then continued in the street even reaching your hands to clean cake.

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