Rheingold Institute

Keep the supermarket fondly Balingen, April 2009 – actually it goes without saying: when shopping at the grocery store, the customer expects impeccable cleanliness and proper hygiene. Thereby, the Rheingold Institute in an international study has determined is cleanliness does not equal cleanliness. As a particularly annoying consumers feel so dirty floors and dirty shopping scales in the entrance area, rotten and initiated fruits and vegetables at the deli counter, frozen food thawed to and dirty cutting machines and scales especially on the meat and cheese counter. Rough personal effect also off-putting. No question, a lack of cleanliness has fatal consequences and sometimes drives the clientele in the arms or the shops of the competition. Who has not thoroughly clean floors, shelving, window and fresh counters or not properly and clearly admits his products, achieved an astonishment to the consumer. The supermarket customer feels nauseous and disgusted, avoids certain Shopping areas in the market or even the market as a whole\”, as results of Rheingold, for 150 hours interview material about 70 hours shopping descriptions were sighted and analyzed. A successful hygiene and hygiene concept guarantee a smooth and trouble-free shopping without unpleasant surprises consumers mind.

The technology manufacturer Bizerba in Balingen know suggests that particularly cutting machines and scales systems must meet the expectations of our customers. These devices come mostly before the eyes of customers in direct contact with unpackaged food. That’s why the food service specialist has put together a service package with special cleaners for its machines: for scales, we have developed a special label remover. The cleaner with orange scent eliminates the labels, label residue or adhesive easily, quickly and precisely. He is suitable for most plastics and leaves no residue on the surface of the device,\”explains Thomas Loos, head of business services organization & IT’ at Bizerba. The Bizerba show in retail and supermarket machines at their best, the Bizerba recommend experts also regular treatments with FC foam cleaner that reliably removes dirt, grease and stains on housings, panels, plastic surfaces and glass and makes them shine.

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