Rent A Car In Mallorca, A Travel Guide Tourism

Rent a car in Mallorca, a tourism option free to explore the island Caves is recommended to visit Les Caves of Drach, so famous in Porto Cristo (Manacor). WARNING, it is impossible to visit without tails, are very popular … If you wait to the last session, the better, in winter 1530 and from April to October at 17h. At that time is when there are fewer people, because usually bus trips have gone. The current price is 9.50 euros, children under 7 are free. No credit cards accepted. You can take the opportunity to see a tower (tower Serral dels Falcons) by road to the caves by the sea on a small cliff.

If you like caves, another option is they Coves d’Arta, a little farther north. They are somewhat less touristy than the Drach, but highly recommended and pretty. The environment is great, the entrance, on a cliff, great inside and have no lake or per action are interesting. From May to October visitors are from 10am to 18pm. and in winter to 17h. The price is 8 euros. If possible inform you about the sources of feeling proud of Campanet, Monument, a hydrological phenomenon of great magnificence.

The pity is that only occurs after heavy rain, hence val recommend you first inform about whether they are open or not. For beaches and coves coves and beaches, it is advisable to ask people they tell villagers to a nearby creek that is good and if you are interested not so busy. There are plenty to choose from including the famous beach of Formentor and that is usually filled and paid for parking the car. The best beach of the island is like a lot is Caragol d’, but it requires walking a good distance from Colonia de Sant Jordi to the west, so I recommend you make it better when the sun does not burn and be well protected with Cream solar and water. From colonial to Sant Jordi can take a boat that leads to the island of Cabrera National Park marine-terrestrial. It is worthwhile if you have got enough on your day trip to Mallorca. We always take many people, is one of the most visited sites. A limited number of people who peude go every day, so it is advisable to book in advance mu (97 164 9034). There you can see the castle, the curious Balearic lizards, a museum, a beautiful beach and back, I suggest you stop and give them a bath in the Cova Blava spectacular. Rent a car in Mallorca Mallorca Visit drive is a good choice as all over the geography of the island have some interest. A hire car will allow you not only enjoy the various possibilities offered by Palma, the capital of the Balearic Islands, but also navigate to your craving for the island of Mallorca and not miss any of the amazing places that treasure. The center of Palma is constituted as a network of narrow streets that make up the mosaic of valuable historical heritage the city. The nice thing is walking through its streets and squares, admiring the architecture. Then, driving a vehicle you will discover exciting places such as San Telmo, Andratx, Pollensa and Formentor. Be sure to consult Pepecar for the best option. PR: I: L: LD: I: Rank: Traffic: Price: C:.

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