Professor Santiago Nino

Winners with the crisis of the corner grocery store takes a week with a security guard. My bank branch, also. That is, security companies are some of the beneficiaries of the current economic situation. Already the President of Banesto, Ana Patricia Botin predicted it a year ago: the crisis offers new business opportunities. And both: lawyers, houses pawn shops, fast food restaurants are putting the boots. New collection to delinquent companies are created every day and one has leased an entire floor of offices. The crisis is therefore changing our habits. We are, says Professor Santiago Nino, towards new more efficient sectors, such as biotechnology, logistics, or what I call the world R: repair, reuse, recycling, or returning classic against the culture of buy and throw away repair shops.

Seems, therefore, that comes the end of a certain type of consumer society Hypertrophic. At last. Iran, the price of modernity when the Shah Reza Pahlavi was overthrown in 1979, Iran was a country of impoverished and fanatical rural masses and an urban elite educated and well prepared. Ayatollah Khomeini liquidated any vestige of modernization and caused a first exile of intellectuals and professionals. Only two years later it also eliminated their allies of the secular left, custom President Banisadr, and forced expatriation to their survivors.

It was to this once powerful country and back to fundamentalism, which dared to attack Sadam Husein, in a bloody eight-year war. The hard lesson forced Shiites clerics in power to put Iran technologically abreast but, that Yes, without losing the Islamic essences. I.e. what it purports to Ahmadinejad with his atomic bomb. Young people grown socaire of that modernization process, recovered the civic tradition of Persian ancient in a new universe of telephony Mobile, satellite dishes and personal computers, now show the internal contradictions of a vetusto theocratic regime in which Musavi, Khatami, Rafsanjani, are not naive revolutionaries, but pragmatic conservatives who know that their world is changing, as happened in Spain to the most lucid francoists when disappeared the dictator. Unlike the Spain at that time, Iran is in the midst of a global conflict that overflows the temerarios and well-intentioned protesters in Tehran. Less expensive than Port Aventura, Terra Mitica aromatic Park and other theme parks is that has occurred in Torrevieja: aromatic one. Instead of participating in chilling attractions, visitors must only smell thyme, lavender, Rosemary, Basil and orange blossom. More comfortable, Yes, but surely also more boring. Years ago, scented books were invented. And they failed. Then came the idea of the fragrant films. Another fiasco, because at the people what interested him was the argument and not the stench of the armpit of the protagonist. So no I predict a great future in the Park in question. It is likely that only come to the predatory flowers intending to renew the pots of his house and other urban vandals who painted the same a statue that destroy a parterre. Given, therefore our human condition, keep a project so imaginative and ecological like this the worst just being more expensive to lift a nuclear power plant there. And stating that I say this without wishing to establish any comparison.

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