Places Of Refuge For Children In The Region

Child Welfare Association Wolfsburg helmstedt e.V. launches project ‘Children’s emergency island’ Wolfsburg/helmstedt, 4 June 2012 the Kinderschutzbund (basketball) Wolfsburg helmstedt e.V. launches the project of children’s emergency island. While local businesses show a striking emergency Island sign on her door. They signal that seeking help children: where we are, you’re safe. In Wolfsburg and the region, a variety of shops already supports the project. There is also encouragement by the cities and towns. So the Lord Mayor in Velpke, helmstedt, and Konigslutter have already confirmed the participation in the project.

The patron of the city of Wolfsburg is the Landtagsabgeordnete Angelika Jahns. Under the telephone number 05361 / 8916143 of the children welfare association, interested local businesses for more information. Shops like bakers, butchers, hairdressers, pharmacies, Cafes, banks and other retail stores are addressed. Public institutions can participate in the project. They indicate children in dangerous situations Staff with the appropriate sign. So, for example, when older classmates or criminals threaten young children on the way to school. This offer is valid but also smaller issues, such as for example when a missed bus or a lost wallet.

Emergency employees an instruction upgraded get in the stores for the real thing. In addition to information on how to respond, there is an emergency telephone number for the appropriate region respectively. One of the first children emergency Islands is the business of Haase writing & give”in downtown Wolfsburg. Gladly we participate in this project”, as the proprietor of Petra Haase. I think the children’s emergency Island worthy, because we all should look out, if there are children in need”, as h. The basketball calls also schools and kindergartens in the region schools and kindergartens as multipliers in addition to searching for appropriate emergency Islands, to participate in the project. The basketball support using special school materials. So you want to Children playfully learn what means the emergency Island icon. Among other things a city rally, where in the form of a quiz questions around the emergency Island to answer are among the materials. The children in the participating emergency Island shops find the solutions. But even parents letters in various languages to enlighten about the project. The emergency Islands offer not only places of refuge for children, but have also a preventive function”, as Jurgen Tina e, first Chairman of the Wolfsburg basketball. We want to use it as a sign of moral courage and civil engagement in the protection of children”, performs ebb corner. The Stiftung Hansel + Gretel has 2002 launched the project. In collaboration with regional partners nationwide already over 180 cities, towns and counties have implemented the action. Contact us about the basketball Wolfsburg helmstedt interested businesses, public institutions, schools and kindergartens have the possibility to contact either by phone directly with the basketball in contact (05361 / 8916143 and 0177-2493640) or by E-Mail). German child protection Association, local Wolfsburg Association The German Child Welfare Association Wolfsburg e.V. is a non-profit association, politically and religiously independent. He is a member of the joint Welfare Association. In 1957, it was founded by citizens of the city and is one of the oldest clubs. The work also extends to the District of helmstedt. Including advice and crisis intervention, collaboration in the playground Commission, working with nurseries and schools, project-related prevention work, information about children’s rights in accordance with UN children’s rights Convention and offer parents training includes the work of non-violent education. More information is available on the Internet at.

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