Review of the DVD video film titled object 302 the tropospheric radio station JJ from an insider’s perspective a well-achieved, remarkable video film of 2009, created by professionals, run time 27 minutes. Camera movements through the bunker and details of systems and devices give a shiny facade of the bunker, make interesting, exciting him, so impressive. Music and sound create an atmosphere, similar to a detective story. Advertising in the market economy, a philosophy which raises attention, enrich the business, and to stimulate. But what is behind this ad? The write Viewer is overwhelmed, accept everything at face value. Where are the limits of truth, reality or…? I’ve looked at several times the film me, here my rating to the disposition. (Source: Ping Fu).

The commentary on the film tries to highlight the importance and an outstanding importance of this plant. A former technician,…, explains in detail the General technique of the bunker, nothing special, special or Outstanding for the JJ tropospheric radio station. The presented technique is life getting for each bunker in East and West. The Dipatcherarbeitsplatz is represented as the non plus ultra of the bunker, the focal point of the whole building, from here is everything unfolds, it means literally. This is not untrue for the work of all life-support systems in a bunker, but remains on the film title without substance. Guide point and central command point of the tropospheric radio station was news operation and not the building dispatcher service of the duty. Notes on it, as well as to function and purpose of the tropospheric radio station as a mere object of the message, their integration into the messaging system of the NVA, equipment or technical possibilities remain without comment. The camera minutes silently passes telecommunications, waveguide, the workplace of message operator of a tropospheric radio direction shows front views of transmission, reception, placement and amplifier technology, images of antenna systems among others mentioned are the subdivision of the property into a zone of U, U like accommodation, although none was housed here…

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